The Prodigal Son Message 416 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 27, 2017

The Prodigal Son Message 416
I was watching a show with my husband about U-boats, last night, 01/26/17 all of a sudden the Lord reminded me of things that He had led me to do in 2006, and dreams I remember from that year and since then too.

I remember very well going in my dreams to places in the waters that had sunken ships, submarines etc. I remember clearly going to where one of the iron ships from the Civil War, was sank, and the wrecks in the Great Lakes.

I remember as if it were today, the dreams I had. I knew I was there at the wrecks to get the souls of the ones that passed. I remember seeing the skeletons of the dead.

There were many times I did this and prayed, repented and prayed in intersection. I remember thinking that I had been morning for 150 years when I was having a vision while awake of going to one of the wrecks and was in tears.

Also that year I was led to drive around the town and to pray in the spirit for the children, and to tell them that all was safe in the Lord.

I even remember talking with the children that I was told to pray for, they knew I was sent by God, I told them there was safety and salvation in the Lore they came with me and they were very playful. I wanted to sleep one night and the children did not want to stop playing.

They tried to get me to play in their games, by seeing if I remembered their names. I asked them to quiet down as I said their names and drifted off to sleep.

I was led to a dream not long ago that a sister had, I do not remember who she was, but in her dream she was being judged. She saw to the side of her someone was praying for her.

She kept say she was innocent, but the conviction to her heart was getting stronger and she fell to her knees and repented seeing she had to take responsibility.

When she had done this she was forgiven and received. The whole time the person to the side of her kept their head down and kept praying for mercy on her.

I have now been told while in prayer, that this feeling of morning I was having was from what I was doing in intersection for them, and with them as when they are judged my prayers for them will be heard, that our prayers for mercy are heard and help them come to repentance so they too can be received.

My Children, I have been using many of you longer than you know to bring about My will, to spread My truth and to reach the lost, to work in the spiritual realm and help bring My children home.

Do you remember the story of the Prodigal Son? Did you hear the love and joy the father had for the son that returned?

Or are you like his brother that was jealous because his brother was welcomed back with open arms by their father without question, and the unconditional love that the returning brother was shown?

My Children, I love all of My creation and there are more than you know of, and many that the scriptures or the messages I give have not reached.

I asked you to pray for all souls that are Mine, that My light of truth reach everyone no matter where they are.

You are called to love them and to follow Me, why is it so easy for you to say yes I will give all I own to follow you, but you will not give up your understanding?

Why do you limit Me in you, why do you limit My anointing on you?

Your work, your prayers do more than you know and are heard by the Father.

You praying in intercession, praying for mercy, praying that their eyes, ears, hearts and minds are opened to receive My salvation, truth and understanding does make a difference.

Rejoice with Me My children, in their return as there will be a great feast, know it is I that calls to them, and to you, know that I AM truly love, mercy and grace.

Grace will leave the earth but it will never leave Me, I AM the same now and forever.


Our God is great, and His love has no limits, be glad of this as this love He has for you too. Stay within Him and let Him continue to fill you, and help you grow in His truth and understanding.
God is love, this love is eternal. God bless us all I pray and that every soul, no matter who, where or when is opened and receive all that is of our God. Amen