Prophecy given to Alan Carrico


Given to ALAN CARRICO on July 31, 2020

Transcript of Prophecy:
Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My children call a somber assembly for great judgment is upon you. The earth has fallen under judgement as the end of this era begins. All that has been written about this time will now come to pass; great shakings from the heavens down to the depths of hell.

The US president will soon fall, and a new “leader” will be put into place. He is a former leader that brought great division, but he will now be hailed as the “great unifier” and many will fall under his spell. My children will be persecuted in this time so now is the time to cry out to Me, for when you do I will answer and help you through these things that must come.

My precious ones will now be indwelled with My Holy Spirit Fire and will do great exploits in the earth for My great name. This is the time of the harvest and as the shakings increase so does the harvest. For those of you who have emptied your vessels of self and allowed Me to fill it to overflowing with rivers of living water, this time will be both frightening and joyful at the same time. You will see many things you never thought you would, but at the same time it is I AM doing all the heavy lifting. Be obedient as I lead and you will do great things. Pray for your loved ones – pray for all of those around you – pray for the lost, that they all hear My Word being preached and that they will respond in repentance.

Those who are repentant of their sins will know joy, while those who reject the Light of My love will retreat into the darkness and great will be their suffering. My children, listen to My Spirit and do as He leads and you will go quickly through this time. Many of you will suffer because of your faith, be even in this you will be in the palm of My righteous hands. Look up, My children, for your redemption has come. When the next lock-down comes, great shakings also come. It has been foretold. I AM.