Prophetic WORD for 2021 – Weapons for a new year. Isaiah Saldivar

2 Jan 2021
Prophetic word for 2021 December 31st God gave me this prophetic word for 2021 and told me to give it exactly how he spoke it to me. Please note that I have never claimed to be a prophet nor do I give words like this often. I give this word with fear and trembling knowing that I am accountable for what I speak. As requested I have uploaded just the prophetic word so you can send to friends and family.
(The word is too long to post in the description but I posted it on my Facebook page. See transcript below.)



-2021 is going to be a year of restitution and payback for my people.
That which was stolen and lost in 2020 I am going to begin to restore and renew.
My church has allowed bitterness, resentment, and division to rob them from what I was trying to do
in 2020 but I am getting ready to restore to them what the devil came in and stole.
God says I am grieved by how my church has responded in the midst of crisis.
I gave my church an opportunity to be healing to the world but they chose the path of division and dessention
Many churches and believers have had their lampstands removed because of how they poorly represented me in 2020
In the same way, I warned churches in revelation that if they did not change I would remove
their lampstand. I am warning my church today that if they do not begin to change I will continue to
remove the light, the power and the influence that my body was intended to have
I have exposed many false prophets and false shepherds in 2020 and I will continue to expose them on a greater level in 2021.
False prophets have gone out and gave prophetic words in my name when I was never even speaking.
As in the days of Jeremiah where false prophets were prophesying
out of emotion and imagination even today many false prophets were claiming I was speaking when I was not speaking.
There is going to be a cleansing and a purifying in the prophetic movement in
2021 many who were once considered powerful will lose their influence in 2021 and be brought to a place of repentance.
Do not believe every prophetic word says the spirit of God but test the word to see if it lines up with my holy word.
Do not allow yourself to get tangled up into the systems of this world because remember this place is not your home.
I have given many ministers who are living in secret sin a space of repentance but I can no longer tolerate those who misrepresent me.
God says for many prophets and pastors who have taken my glory, have taken credit for
what I have done, and have allowed pride to set into their hearts I will now take from them
I will strip them of my anointing as I stripped Saul and they will either humble themselves or I will put them on the shelf
I am a holy God and I will not share my glory with men.
I will not tolerate those who misrepresent me in 2021
I am re lighting fires that have gone out due to disappointment and confusion
Those that have lost their passion to pray, read my word and fast will get their passion re ignited once again in 2021
I want a new sacrifice in 2021 from my people so that my fire can come upon my people like never before
I have allowed in 2020 churches to be shut down because I am re prioritizing my church.
I am bringing renovation, innovation and revival to my people but I cannot pour out new wine in old wineskins.
Do not love the former, do not get used to the old for I am the God who is doing a new thing
I am going to release strategies and ideas in 2021 to my church that the world has never seen before.
There will be a temptation to persecute the new thing I am doing but know that when you come against it
you are also coming against me.
I allowed the trials in 2020 to purify my church and make them realize they were not where
they thought they were. Many churches who thought they were strong realized they were strong
only in the natural but weak in the spiritual
2020 was a year of separating the wheat from the tare and many false churches will never recover
but for my real bride there will be increased growth and power in 2021
Do not despise those that I raise up in 2021 for I am going to raise up the most unexpected
people to advance my kingdom.
Some of the most influential celebrities and people of influence will be saved and used by me in 2021
My church must not reject those who were once in complete darkness but instead disciple and embrace them
Many people who work for satan in the satanic church will be saved in 2021 and used for my glory
the new age movement is going to see a revival that will make headlines in 2021
God says many did not understand why they went through so many trials in 2020 but it
was part of a refining process.
I am the blacksmith says the lord that was using those trials to forge you into a weapon to wage war against hells gates.
You are my weapon against satan’s kingdom and I will continue to sharpen you and craft you into what I need
Do not despise the refining process but embrace what I am doing in you.
I am raising up a new breed of Christian who is not going to cower or be afraid when fighting against
satan’s kingdom.
These specials forces have been trained by my holy spirit and like those who came before
them that ran from the battle they will run directly into battle.
I am calling my church to confront darkness in 2021 not conceal the darkness.
God says 2020 was a year of training for spiritual warfare but many in 2021 will actually
engage in the battle.
The battle has never stopped but for too long my church has been content with being on the sidelines
I am calling forth a spiritually violent people to overthrow the kingdom of darkness
I am weary of seeing my church allow the devil to have free reign and real estate among my people
I have given you weapons and training to fight every battle that you will face in 2021
Things will continue to get worse in the natural before they get better but understand these are signs of my return.
Do not panic or fall into deception but stay in my word, that will be your source of peace and confidence
during trying times.
The world in 2020 has tried to shut the mouth of my church but in 2021 I will shut the mouth of the accuser.
Major laws will change globally in 2021 but know that I remain in control.
The laws of man will change but my laws are unchangeable.
There will be a wave of persecution in 2021 that comes against my church and I will use it to strengthen, grow and purify them.
God says in 2021 long lost families will come back to me, prodigals will run home and revival will break out in families like never before.
The words that were spoken over your kid and the seeds that were planted will grow and produce fruit says God.
My presence will continue to move in peoples homes and there will be an outbreak of neighborhood revivals.
God says I am warning all pastors and leaders that in 2021 be ready to move with my spirit.
Do not allow how you did church in the past to dictate how you do church this coming year.
If you’re not willing to move with my spirit and obey my voice I will find a place that will.
For the pastors who are hungry for my presence I am going to relight the altars.
The altars are a place of power and healing and I am getting ready to restore the altar in my church.
Be willing to move out of my way because I want to move in your midst.
God says there will be a deliverance revival in 2021.
I will continue to raise up voices to train and equip my people for battle.
Deliverance will no longer be shunned or ridiculed but it will become mainstream among my people.
I will expose the strategies of satan to my trusted soldiers and my church will weaken satan’s influence in the earth.
There is going to be a significant wealth transfer in 2021 from the wicked to the righteous and many in the church will see their finances increase.
God says some in my church that thought I was done with them or their time was in the past will get
called to the front lines in 2021.
Even now I am reviving dead dreams and visions and bringing into remembrance my word.
I am dispatching legions of angels says God that will war against demonic powers in heavenly places.
Continue to cry out to me, continue to sacrifice, continue to fast and pray for My arm is not weak, my ear is not deaf, I will redeem my people.
This is the year of restitution
this is the year of redemption
this is the year of warfare
this is the year of the comeback
the time is now
go forth and make disciples of all nations
do not back down
do not be afraid
for I am with you always