Question: How do I know if I have Jesus’ spirit? How to test whether I have it or not? – Susan Davis


Someone had sent me this question: How do I know if I have Jesus’ spirit? How to test whether I have it or not?

This is my honest opinion:
these are ways to know if you have CHRIST’s SPIRIT in you:

you will begin to want to read the Bible–and to stop doing other things that would keep you from or distract you from it

you will seem to appreciate the Bible more and to even understand it better

you will not want to sin against GOD WHO created you and loves you because you no longer want to hurt His feelings

you will care for the things GOD cares for: people lost and going to hell and how to reach them–you will even view things in the world as trivial compared to reaching others for CHRIST so that they don’t fall into eternal hell–other’s people’s souls will be more important to you than watching droning and infantile TV shows and movies, secular materials, movies; TV will be offensive to you because they have anti-Christ and worldly viewpoints: pursuing prosperity, wasting time, hurting others for your own gain, etc. etc.

you will want to KNOW GOD–truly KNOW HIM–you will want to find out all about HIM–what HE likes, dislikes, cares for, what HE eats for breakfast

you will cherish GOD’s views, HIS perspectives, HIS desires, HIS goals and you will want to have the same views, perspectives, desires, goals–that’s called being in GOD’s Will (you can ask to be in HIS Will everyday by the filling of HIS SPIRIT)

you will want to spend eternity with and getting to KNOW this GOD

you will want others to have this same perspective because you love your neighbor as yourself

you will hate the things GOD hates: unforgiveness; worldly views/perspectives; sinning against GOD which is rebellion/witchcraft; hurting GOD

When you do sin and mess up you will want to set things right between you quickly because you won’t want to lose your connection to GOD and your right-standing with HIM–so you will want to repent and plead for right-standing with GOD so you can stay close to HIM.

You will be persecuted by those around you because their anti-Christ spirit will reject your HOLY SPIRIT-filled spirit–but GOD will give you the understanding to forgive and love anyway and to desire for their salvation also because without grace you would be lost and have been in those shoes before too.

You will fear GOD above everything else and because you fear GOD, you will fear sinning against HIM–you will also know that when you are right with GOD–HE is the most powerful advocate there is and ALL other things that you formally feared no longer cause you to be tormented bringing you incredible peace–the peace that passes all understanding the Bible says.

You may experience Spiritual gifts and most likely will: hearing GOD’s Voice; dreams; visions; other languages both earthly/heavenly; etc. These will be given to you to build your faith and to reach and help others.

Once you have this light–you have a big responsibility to reach out to others to help them find the narrow path that few find. You will be driven by an inner desire to see others saved–that is the HOLY SPIRIT in you.

These are only some of the “signs” that the LORD has come into your life to make your spirit HIS home.