Below is a group of questions for you to ask your church pastors…

1. Do you believe the GODHEAD are three separate individuals: FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT?
2. Do you believe in two separate baptisms: water and fire–one symbolic the other by the HOLY SPIRIT?
3. Do you believe in manifestations of the HOLY SPIRIT?
4. Do you believe in all of the spiritual gifts: tongues; interpretation of tongues; healing; works of wonders; words of wisdom; words of knowledge; visions; dreams; prophecy?
5. Do you believe these gifts are given today and for the edification of the church?
6. Do you believe these gifts are given by the HOLY SPIRIT at HIS choosing?
7. Do you believe in the five-fold ministry as set out in the Bible: teacher, pastor, prophet, evangelist, apostle?
8. Do you believe intimacy with GOD is a requirement for the believer, if so, what is your definition of intimacy with GOD?
9. What is your definition of an overcomer?
10. Do you believe it’s more about relationship than religion?
11. Do you believe the 10 commandments are for today?
12. Do you believe and preach pursuing holiness?
13. Do you believe we are in the end times?
14. Do you preach end times?
15. Do you believe in the rapture of the bride of Christ?
16. Who is the bride of CHRIST?
17. Do you believe in pre-trib rapture?
18. Do you believe that few find the narrow path?
19. Do you believe that once saved always saved is a false doctrine?
20. Do you believe in demon possession?
21. Do you believe in deliverance ministry?
22. Do you believe that sin leads to demon possession?
23. Do you believe that addictions, depressions, illnesses, mental illnesses are brought on by demons?
24. Do you believe that deliverance can lead to wholeness, mental stability, and relief from long-held generational curses such as alcoholism, drug use, depression, lust, sexual additions, phobias, fear, trauma, insecurity, and worry?
25. Do you believe that reading your Bible by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT is the only way to really understand the Bible?
26. Do you believe in an actual hell described in the Bible as a place of eternal torment where the worm does not die and the second death is the lake of fire?
27. Do you teach Revelation and how it lines up with the events of today?
28. Do you teach the Mark of the Beast is the RFID chip/bar coding/tracking system and that taking this chip is an unforgivable sin?
29. Do you believe that worshiping anything else that has supernatural attributes is the occult and only GOD is to be worshipped?
30. Do you believe that Christians can find salvation through other ways than the church?
31. Do you believe all will give an account of their life and will need to be ready on their own apart from anyone else/church?
32. Do you believe in evangelism as the responsibility of all Christians?
33. Do you promote outreach for all church members to take part in?
34. Do you believe in frequent repentance as we do not know all the ways we sin against a Holy GOD?
35. Do you believe in encouraging everyone to share their testimonies and their faith with the church?
36. Do you believe the world is an enmity to GOD and that you don’t need to repackage a church to look like the world to attract people?
37. Do you believe that the mandate of GOD is to be watching for the return of CHRIST at all times, not just for the rapture but for anyone who might be facing GOD unexpectedly?
If you answered yes, to these questions, congratulations, you are in touch with the heart of GOD…