Release From The Curse – Part 1 | Derek Prince on Breaking Curses


27 Jul 2020
Are there recurring issues in your life? Like suffering from chronic sickness, financial problems, being accident prone. Maybe there’s a generational curse on your life and a release from the curse is the thing that you desperately need?
Bible teacher Derek Prince compares a curse in our lives to a ‘long evil arm from the past’ that stretches out and trips us up, again and again. Drawn from Biblical study of blessings and curses and personal experience, Derek points out that if there are things – like mentioned above – in your life, there’s a chance that you might be cursed.
Fortunately through prayer we’re able to break these curses and release the blessing of God.
Discover how you can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God’s blessing!
4285, recorded in Auckland, New Zealand, April 1989