ReLeasing the Anointing by Kat Kerr


Published on 9 Jun 2016

This is 7 parts of the same subject (tidbits) where Kat spoke on different occasions about releasing the anointing.
“Father stir and activate the anointing that lives in me as your child, because I’m about to release it.”
“Father I choose to release the anointing”
“I release the anointing and nullify all the power of the enemy operating in this place”
“releasing the anointing is a spiritual thing so it can be said in your spirit and no one will know what you’re doing but the powers of darkness will know”.
“when people touch things that your release the anointing into, something happens to them, it doesn’t go away. Lay hands on something and impart the anointing to it. “Father as an act of my will I choose to release the anointing”.