What Does Repent Mean Message 430 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Feb 6, 2017

What Does Repent Mean Message 430
I was talking with my mother today and she was telling me that yesterday she went to the Lord and cried out to Him for wisdom. I shared the message He gave me and the dreams I had. She told me that she heard the Lord speak to her through His message.
Later I was talking with a sister in Christ today and we were discussing the messages the Lord gave us today and dreams from last night and she said that she believed the message He gave me was anointed but wondered why He did not say anything about having a pure heart.
Later I was lead to a post on facebook that showed that the word repent in Greek, meant changing your mind, and went on to point out that the Prodigal Son realized his mistake, that he was wrong he came back home.
My Children, yes to repent does mean to change your mind, it means to see you were wrong in your thinking, or doings.
It means that you see the error, that you see the light of My truth, and are willing to let Me show you the way.
When you come to Me trusting Me completely, with a mind open to Me, and My truth and willing to accept it, your heart becomes pure, the more you accept and hold on to Me and My truth, the more pure I make your heart.
When your heart and mind accept and hold on to Me, My truth, and My understanding then your heart becomes more and more pure, as the things that are not of Me die off.
Light and dark cannot live in the same place and when you hold on to the things that are not of Me, you fall into division, your flesh fights me, and it is harder to reach you.
The more of Me and my truth that is in you, the closer you are to Me, the more My truth flourishes in you the more of you dies off, and we become more and more as one, of one heart and of one mind.
Truly I tell you, nothing that man holds on to that is not of Me matters, as it is My truth that is the way to life everlasting and the knowledge of My truth is what sets you free of the flesh, and the thoughts and beliefs of man.
Do you not see that when you are judged You stand before Me Alone, you and you alone.
Not the one that taught you that this is an idol, that is right or this is wrong, that you must stand up for God and come against all, of those that believe this or that.
Every one of you have to take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs and actions.
Your job is not to judge what is right or wrong for Anyone; it is your job to let Me lead you as to what is right or wrong for You.
Just as My cousin, John the Baptist, was not to drink of strong drink and I did, the Pharisees still came against us both.
My Children, I truly want a spotless bride, and a spotless bride is one that wants to have nothing in them but Me, and My truth, and seeks Me for My truth and wisdom, this is a pure and spotless bride.
No My Children, this does not mean that you are lost if you have not let go of everything as of yet, as no one is perfect.
It Is Me in you that makes you perfect, I fill in where you lack. It Is Truly Your pure and Honest Intent to Want Only Me, My Will, And My Truth, and Your Willingness to Accept them that brings you to this point of perfection.
It is when you are so blind that you refuse to see My truth, and My understanding, to even listen, that you put your understanding and beliefs before Me, that is the problem.
My Children, do not stand so strong on your beliefs that you are lost to My truth.
People think receiving Me or the things of Me, is done by Me giving it to them; it is when You Accept them, this is what Receiving them is.
You can hear of, and know of My salvation, even ask for it. You can hear My words, listen to messages, and read the scriptures, but if you do not accept My truth of them, the whole truth of them then you have not truly received them.
Just as you can hear and see things all around you that is not of Me, and it will not make a difference to you or your spirit if you do not accept them as My truth you have not received them.
Do not close your mind and slam the door of your heart to Me, and let the seeds of the enemy and your own flesh take over.
This truly is not of Me, this is not My truth, this is not My love.
Wow, the Lord truly has been showing us revelation today. I also saw a few other messages today on YouTube that confirmed the message before this one, and tonight after the Lord finished writing this one He showed me one that Dianna posted, that confirms this message. I did like it on my channel.
People, we are not to be stiff necked, we are to bear good fruit, and that means lead people to the Lord, not to our thoughts and beliefs as they are not always of God. We are to seek God for ourselves, it is up to us to show them how and not lead them to Him through us, no one needs a middle man to get to Jesus.
The best thing to do always is to seek Him before we speak or do anything as He is always the way, the right way and will lead us as we are to go. God bless you all and I do pray that every soul lays down their thoughts, their beliefs and lets go of their flesh and hold on tight to the Lord and truly receive His truth and understanding.