Repentance Revival : Testimony Of Jesus, Heals Cancer, Cancer Free Glory To Jesus, Hallelujah!


Blessings Pastor Clancy, I was diagnosed with neck cancer and the cancer doctor has been watching the cancer in my neck for the last couple months. They have been measuring the cancer, as well I have been having special ultra sounds and blood work regularly. This morning I received a call that from a number that I didnt recognize at all, but for some reason I was impressed by the Lord to answer. See I Pastor I don’t usually answer unknown numbers.
Well I answered it Pastor and I am so glad I obeyed the Holy Spirit and answered the phone. Pastor Clancy the call was the cancer doctors office and the nurse wanted to speak to me personally because she had great news. The nurse told me my blood work came back normal and that the marker tests come back normal with no cancer, cancer free!!!
Pastor the cancer had disappeared. Praise the Lord!! But we know it was all God. God healed me of the neck cancer!! Thank you Lord. Pastor the doctor is not a believer in Christ Jesus at all, but I am a born again Christian and it’s a life style as a beliver to talk about God and to witness in love as opportunity rises. Smiles Praise the Lord I am cancer free!! I give all praises to the Lord! For I am super excited in joy of the Lord this morning, I havent even mentioned it to my daughter as of yet and want to let you know for all your prayers you sent me. Pastor I immediately Praised the Lord and with thankful tears then I immediately emailed you afterwards, as you have sent me prayers to listen too and I have been day and night listening to them believing. I also know your praying cause I feel the prayers Pastor….I just want to say Thank you!! for your faithfulness in the Lord God Jesus Jesus Christ. Praying for you and yours regular also Pastor. Praise the Lord Pastor iam healed from neck cancer, isn’t God so faithful . I’m smiling and I could scream because I am so excited and thankful to God. Truly what a blessing it is wow Thank you Jesus!God bless you Pastor!