Restoration Message 420 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 31, 2017

Restoration Message 420

My Children, Many are calling and crying out to Me for restoration, healing, and revival, on their land, for their nations, thinking that if enough of them pray for it I will make things great again and they can go back to things as they were.

My Children, this will not be, this is not My Will and you have all been told since before the beginning of your time on this earth that I Am coming and the end of all is near.

Yes, at one time, I did say to pray and I will heal your land, but this is not to be again.

Yes, you have prayed for mercy and I have made sure that things that you were warned about were not as bad as they could have been, as I did show mercy.

Yes, I have heard your pleas and have shortened time for the time of My wrath, and will not let satan do what he wants, as bad as he wants to do things, but I have told you it is time to give him this realm and this earth.

My Children, fear not, know that I Am in control and I truly know what is best, and what is best is to put an end to his reign on this earth. Yes things have to be fulfilled to do this, but it is not what you think they are.

Your coming out of this earth is one of the things that will have to be done to bring the end of all things to come to pass, so be ready as I will soon be bringing you all out and on to Me.

Know that this is a good thing and nothing to fear as it is time for Heaven and earth to pass away, and the new to come in.

Stop thinking with your head, stop standing on your understanding, and start thinking with My Spirit, let Me bring you into a new level of understanding and peace, as soon all will break loose.

Do not worry about the approval of man, but seek Me and the words you want to hear when you come to Me face to face, “Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant”.

This world cannot continue as it has, and He has told us many times through dreams, messages, visions and scripture that the end will come.
Trust in God and not in this world, or man. There are great and wonderful things in store for us, do not fear the unknown as He is a great and loving Father and will never let go of us.
I want you all to know the messages that I share are given to me by the Lord, they are not my words, and they are not my understanding or have anything to do with me.
They are what the Lord speaks through me, and leads me to share with you. I have heard that there are a few people that have misunderstood quite a few of His messages by thinking that I have said that we should not pay attention to the bible, or some of the books of the bible.
This was never said; the Lord has said that most of the people believe their own interpretation or man’s and that there is more to them than people understand.
Such as the things that most people believe the way that the things will happen in the book of Revelations, are not quite right. He has told so many that things will not happen as you believe.
The Lord has also said to seek Him and His understanding as we read and to let Him lead us as to where we go when we do and in our walk with Him.
In all things, seek the Lord first and let Him take control; you will see His truth and understanding as it was always meant to be.
God bless us all I pray. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ on all, and that every soul opens and receives His truth, and all that is of Him.