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Dead Sea Crossing & MORE!!

Jamie Whittaker
Published on 8 Jan 2015

Noah’s Ark can be found at co-ordinates 39°26.470 N, 44°14.110 E

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I’ve learned you’re not always going to hear the truth, even from well educated and respected people. After much research, I have found this to be the case when it comes to people claiming Ron Wyatt was a liar and did not find anything. Even though the evidence is there and many people have gone out there and verified his findings (everything but the Ark of the Covenant).

Dr. Lennart Moller, a Lead Scientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden, where the Nobel prize is handed out, is one of those people. Click the links at the bottom, for videos with Dr. Moller, Ron Wyatt, Michael Rood, The Caldwell’s & More!

You have to research some things on your own (if you doubt his claims, I hope you do). One thing is for sure, if any of this is true, it would disprove Darwin’s “theory” of evolution, easy to see why they would want to cover this up and call him a liar (which I believe it is all true, even The Ark Of The Covenant find and the theory of evolution is just that, a theory, that I have found to be proven wrong, from different areas of study). To find truth you have to be searching for it, to follow the evidence with no preconceived notions and to have a very open mind.

There are more Ron Wyatt videos and other important info on this channel, click on my name if interested. I just started this, still trying to get organized, most playlist are under construction. After taking 2 years off work to find out what the hell is going on, I was able to do an insane amount of research, as I found it very interesting and looked at it as a full time job, missed sleep some nights.

I found people are focused on specific areas, didn’t find anyone looking at many, so I decided to put everything I found to be true, possibly true or very interesting in one spot, in attempt to save people time, as it is running out, a storm is coming!!

Most important is to accept Jesus, avoid the RFID at all costs, do not eat GMO food, avoid vaccines and flu shots, don’t take anything that changes your DNA (trans-humanism), under the guise of a life extension, super human abilities, reaching a higher level of “spirituality” or consciousness, similar to the RFID, the MOTB, you do it, you’re screwed, Jesus can only save his creations, NOT Lucifer’s.

Do not be fooled by Lucifer’s Alien Deception or “hook up” with them, finally live by the 10 commandments, which the Sabbath is on Saturday, NOT Sunday!!

Anyone that thinks Jesus was just a prophet, doesn’t exist or the bible was made to control people, I challenge you to ask him yourself. If you ask Jesus or God the Father if they are real, to respond to you in some fashion, in a patient, humble, honest, whole heartedly, search for the truth manner, one or both will do something, showing Jesus is the greatest truth in the world, he died for us and he is our Lord!

Scientist finally started examining Near Death Experience’s, after 20 years of study many have reluctantly said “Heaven and Hell are a scientific fact”. People that have an NDE talk say it was the most real experience of their life, that life is a dream in comparison. Many come back with knowledge they did not poses before, like personal details of other people, some could recount word for word what family and friends said (after they died), when they were in different rooms, sometimes not in the same building.

Anyone reading this that wants to be saved by Jesus, but is not sure how or what to do, please repeat the words below..

Jesus I make you my Lord and Savior, please come into my heart, into my life, I want a personal relationship with you, I believe you lived a perfect life and died a sinners death, to pay for our sin, so we could be saved. I believe that the Father raised you from the dead and all power in heaven and earth is given unto you, that you are the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Emanuel (God in the flesh!), that you and The Father ARE ONE, that all things were made by Jesus; and without Jesus was not any thing made that was made. Please forgive me of all my sins, knowing and unknowing, and in-turn I forgive anyone that has wronged me in anyway, please baptize with your Holy Spirit, with the Holy Fire of God, and with the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ. Finally please dress me in the full Armour of God, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!!

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