Revelations Message 419 – Terri Taplin


Revelations Message 419
I had forgotten to mention yesterday, just before I fell asleep to take my nap I saw the world as if I were in space, and I saw the whole earth on fire and sparks coming off of it.
I had three dreams last night. In the first dream I was in my car with a lawyer, He was driving. He told me that my husband Carl had given him $5,000 dollars and the he had gotten $10,000 more for taking Carl’s case. He then told me that He, was also part owner of my car, both He and I owned it, and that Carl and I could get rid of the old pickup truck now as it was no good anymore.
I woke up and heard the theme song from Daniel Boon, and knew the Lord was leading me to Daniel 5:10. I looked it up Daniel 5:9-12 and it tells that the Queen telling the King that Daniel could interpret the dreams of the King, because he has the Holy Spirit in him. It is also showing that the dreams the King had were from God.
The next two dreams I knew I was with family and friends, but I did not recognize them from life. The first one I was with my mom and dad, and we were moving into a new house, there were many friends and they were helping. It was in the middle of the night, I was a little tired, and laid on the couch to rest, but not sleep, and the sun was still shining. In fact it did not set in this or the next dream. I woke up and heard the song “You Raise Me Up.”
In the next dream I was helping my brother David and his wife move into their new house, they had lots of kids, and lots of puppies and dogs. There were also lots of friends helping and very happy Latin music playing on the stereo. I remember hearing two men talking about a conversation one of them over heard, of another man talking with my mother. I was going up the stairs and came back down a few steps to hear, when he had finished saying what he had to say I said, “yes that is right, I was there, and I am a witness. That is what was said.” When I looked at the man that was telling the other what He had heard, He seemed to change, He looked like Jesus now, and I knew it was Him.
Then one of my brother’s children was showing me the house, it seemed to grow as we were going through it, and I had a feeling that my ex husband Mark (he is in Heaven now) and I had been there when it was being built.
Also, in all the dreams I have had from the Lord I had been transformed, I was young and strong. This is what I was shown the dreams meant.
The Lawyer was Jesus, He was driving me to Heaven, He and I owned the car, He owns my soul and me as His vessel, the car. The old truck was not needed any more as we, (Carl and I) now have been made new.
Daniel interpreted the dreams of kings that were given to them by God. David was a King that was Godly and wise, and Jesus was one of his descendants’ through Mary’s blood line.
Mark was a disciple. These are some of the gifts the Lord gives us, and what we are. We are descendants, Kings and Queens, disciples, and witnesses, and we have been given gifts of interpretation, dreams, visions, and messages, etc.  The Lord has shown us that He is bringing us through in two groups, the covenant and the believers.
In this dream, I was a witness and I have been shown that the two witnesses are us. The two groups, He said these are of the things that were hidden by Daniel.
Mark and I being there when David’s house was being built, was because we were in Heaven before we came to earth. The new houses being moved into were in Heaven, and there the sun will never set. David had lots of kids and his house kept growing as I was being shown it. The number of descendants’ being brought in, or born in would mean they needed more room.
Last night Carl saw the faces of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit come in through our bedroom window. He saw them and was given the knowing of who they were. Then he saw many other faces of people come through, but did not know who they were. He said he was awake, and it lasted for about an hour.
My Children, there are many, many things that are being reveled to you that were hidden by Daniel. Now is the time for this knowledge and wisdom to come to light.
Soon there will be many things happening, and I will cleanse the world by fire. Follow us through the door, Us the Trinity, as through the gifts you have been given now have been shown, it is time to go.
Do not fear, as We are with you, and so are the Angels of Heaven. There is nothing to fear just call My Name and I will be with you, and raise you up.
I think the dreams and the interpretation I received through the Holy Spirit say it all. We are going home and very soon. The Lord truly is with us and will take us through. I also wanted to say that satan is really on the attack. The other day on the 27th, Carl was almost in two separate accidents that would have killed him if The Lord would have not been protecting him. I was sitting on the couch that night thinking about them, and the Lord told me that satan tried to take Carl’s life twice that day. God is right with us, and will do as He promised, He will protect us and take us through.
I have been feeling and so have so very many, and we have been shown that it will happen very soon, what we do not know, but something will happen any moment now. He is right here, in the door way holding it open for us right now.
Go to the Lord and let Him lead you to His truth, and His understanding. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ over this and all of His messages, and all those that hear them, and that every soul open and receives His truth, and all that is of Him. Amen