Rhema Word: THERE IS POWER IN FORGIVENESS (Gwendolen Song)


Published on 30 Mar 2019

I Am the Shepherd of My flock! I Am the One who will lead you to green pastures! I Am the One who will give you a drink of Eternal Life when you surrender your life unto Me. Come to Me today, dearest ones. Come and sit beside Me and My Word and allow yourself to be cleansed by it…Immerse yourselves in it… Cherish it…Do not allow it to be too far away from your thoughts. Your destiny depends on it. Have I not said that I am the Word? That I am the Living Bread? That I am all that you will ever need and more? Trust Me today. Trust Me for all of the hardships and trials that you are enduring, and just when you think you cannot endure any longer, extend your arms up to your Heavenly Shepherd and grab Me with all that is within you. Grab My essence. Grab My eternal peace. Grab My joy. Grab My mystery.
I am the eternal ebb and flow and I am going to walk each of My precious children to the finish line of faith where the other saints of heaven are congregated and waiting for you as well. We are a family—a family of love and forgiveness. We never hold anything against one another, but walk in the harmony of love and righteousness. Please forgive others today, dearest ones. Forgive and forgive and forgive again. I am the One who has gone ahead of you, and I paid the debt. I paid it all IN FULL!
Learn to forgive quickly and deeply. Place yourself in the shoes of your enemy with all of his or her ignorance. This is why I said so succinctly, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!” I meant every word of that statement because My children have been ensnared by the things of this life and I am the Groom and I must care and love you as My beloved bride. There is beauty in forgiveness. It is breathtaking from My standpoint. It shines and radiates energy that comes from above. It one of the best ways to show the love of your Creator, this deep forgiveness that holds nothing back but love.
Allow Me to be your Shepherd today, dearest ones. Do not be deceived by the false doctrines of this life. Ask Me to show you the lies that have stirred up false thinking within you and as surely as I am your King, I will show you if you continue to press into Me.
Today is the day to draw closer and closer to Me. Your Eternal Father and King, Your Beloved Shepherd and Groom.
Lord Yeshua, Jesus Christ.
I Am Coming Ever So Soon!
Psalm 23