Russia on Israel’s Border: October 2018 Bible Prophecy Update – The Christadelphian Watchman

Published on 13 Oct 2018

Detailed examination of the ‘sign’s of the Times’ in relation to Bible Prophecy – Current events are building up to the position where Christ will soon return to the earth – Russia will take Turkey back to herself, but this may be after the faithful are taken to Judgement. Russia’s invasion of Egypt then Israel will bring forth the wrath of God upon the Nations administered by the Saints, (Ezek 38, Zech 14, etc)
With the build-up of Russian and Iranian forces near the Golan, Israel is feeling increasingly under threat, Iran has declared it wants Israel wiped from the face of the planet and who knows what the Russian plan is!. Russia appears to be the new friend of the middle east – but at what cost to Israel!!!