Salvation Message 396 – Terri Taplin


 Salvation Message 396

You are not born again by knowledge, or works. Spending time knowing scripture does not bring Me into you, as this is done by your works and not My sacrifice.

You are born again by receiving My salvation and redemption. You do this by surrendering all that is you to Me. If there were a way for you to do this for yourself there would have not been a reason for Me to be sacrificed.

When you die to self, and live in Me is when I Am able to change you into a new creation, and you are no longer bound by the curse of the law, but you are truly saved by grace, My grace and mercy and there is nothing that you can do to achieve this.

Salvation and redemption is a gift, a gift from Me that you must receive.

There is scripture, then there is religion, and I tell you true there is not one religion that is of Me.

I have not sanctioned any religion, as religion is of man and not Me.

Yes there is some of My truth in religion, but there is also lies.

I AM the living God, and do not nor cannot lie, so there is not one religion that is true.

Come to Me, put down your laws of religion, and let Me fill you with the truth. My truth, as it is the knowledge of My truth that will set you free.

There is very little time left, as all is ready for My coming.

Come and let Me heal you, and release you now, and bring you home when the trumpet sounds.

I did this all for love, My love for you.


The other day I had a dream I was interviewing two people, a man and a woman about the autobiographies’ they wrote. When I woke up I thought of the book of life.
Last night my husband heard an angel singing in our room. He said that she had a beautiful voice.
Folks, there is a book that has all of the names of the people that are saved by the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made. Please go to Him now and make sure your name is in it. I will not be long before He calls us home. He loves you so much, go to Him now and receive all He is.