Sanctification Through Suffering – Still Small Voice

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Published on 4 Feb 2018

Some of you my, dear Heartdwellers, have questions and doubts about this doctrine of sharing in the sufferings of the Cross for the sake of the Kingdom, but truly, it is only a matter of perspective. When you examine the Scriptures very carefully you will see that this is in the Bible. If you are more attached to the opinions of those in your current ministries that do not allow for suffering, I would ask you to set yours and their opinions to the side and seek the counsel of Holy Spirit, Who will confirm to you the principals behind the cross Jesus told us to carry.
It is the height of presumption to say that a prayer and faith is all it takes to heal every soul, no matter what. That Jesus heals everyone in our timing, and if you didn’t get healed, you have hidden sin or a lack of faith. Only God knows why He did not manifest a healing on the one we prayed for.
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