How Satan Gains Control of a Soul (one e.g.) Tactics of a Spirit of Division

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Still Small Voice / Clare du Bois

Published on Apr 23, 2017

We must loose all we thought we were, or we will continue to have an affinity for demons of ambition, superiority, and criticism, and worst of all Lying Spirits who will cleverly manipulate them for their own nefarious ends.

At this point Jesus began speaking to me, “The question is, will they be willing to give up their relentless pursuit of superiority overcoming everything in their way that has any authority. That is the question. The wounds of life go so very, very deep, but they must break fellowship with this need to be better than others around them. Or this will be an invitation to demons of deception and division to prosper in them while causing destruction. (I have seen these in my own behavior as spirits of rebellion and ambition.)

These are all signs of a soul that hasn’t come to terms with their preciousness before God, and no matter how good their works seem to be somehow the enemy is using them to sow confusion and division.

You can say all the right things pointing to Jesus and convincing others that you only do things out of obedience and love for God. It is almost impossible to discover ulterior motives in others or in yourself. But there are ways that reveal what is behind our real motives.

Are we combative and resistant, judgmental of others in positions of authority or who have a public profile? Are we easily entreated or do our hackles raise when we are corrected in charity by those who may have been assigned to our souls?

One really great way to find out is in a marriage. Do we roll our eyes when our husbands tell us to do something we think is unnecessary? Or husbands, do you roll your eyes when you wife asks you not to do something in her kitchen?

Jesus continued, All of you My children must be little ones, IF you want to be safe from deception, ambition, power and authority trips. It is a plain fact, unless you are happy to find the only meaning in your life in My presence, I cannot promote you. If you are still seeking the approval of your parents…whether you are 16 or 60, you will not hold the precious new wine. You must be totally happy to be a nobody, securely in My arms and no other.

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