What I Saw Jesus Doing in Heaven Will Rock Your World!  James Durham


Published on May 28, 2017

James Durham visited Heaven. What He saw Jesus doing will rock your world! James says you can have your spiritual eyes opened to see God’s plan for you, past, present and future. There is nothing greater, he says, than knowing God’s destiny and purpose for your life. And doing it.

James Durham was taught in Heaven how to help you know God’s plan for your life. He shows you the keys to seeing what God sees in Seeing the Unseen Realm and also in his 2-CD set, Activating the Unseen Realm, including how to:

• Activate your giftings
• Increase your dreams and visions
• Overcome self-confidence issues
• Accomplish your purpose

Get ready to begin having your own heavenly encounters! Heaven is a real place, and you can experience it for yourself!

About James Durham: After almost 30 years as an army chaplain, James retired as a Colonel. He is also a longtime pastor and church planter. Unexpectedly, a season of trips to Heaven began which prompted him to write, teach and mentor. James and his wife, Gloria, reside in Columbia, SC.