SEALING OFF PRAYER (Before Deliverance)

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YAHUSHA is the authentic Hebrew NAME of our Messiah that His parents and disciples called Him by.
(Since I started praying in His authentic Name, my prayer life changed) . . . to make it easier to pronounce His Name, you can split His Name as follow: YA-HU-SHA
Our FATHER’S name is NOT “god” or “lord” (these are pagan names of false deities (gods) as can be proven by many reputable resources, most notably Scripture)!
His Name is YHUH/YHWH, pronounced YaHUaH or YaHuWaH.
You can say it as follow YA-HU-AH (it makes it easier to pronounce His Name)!
The Hebrew title for “YHUH/YHWH” is ELOAH or ELOHIM!
Qodesh Ruach or Ruach Ha’Qodesh = Set-Apart Spirit of ELohim.

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