Seven Churches Message 389 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 8, 2017

Seven Churches Message 389

I have been seeing Jesus in my dreams, twice before and all night last night. He was not represented by my husband or my dad, it was Him.

He has brought me into another level of anointing, and I feel as if He is right next to me every moment.

Last night I dreamed I was talking with Him, and no I do not remember what He said, but I do remember dreaming all night and seeing Him.

I also remember in one part of my dreams that I was in front of a lot of people, in a field of grass and telling them of Jesus Christ. I do remember the last thing I said was, “Part of Jesus’ job is to leads us. It is our job to listen and follow.”

My Children, My Seven Spirits are in My church. The seven stars and seven lamp stands are they. My people have the gifts of My seven Spirits and this is how I now divide My seven churches.

Whichever one of these Holy Spirits is the strongest in you is how you are placed. Soon so very soon this will all come together so rest in Me, and let My spirit work in you so your volume can be increased.

My vessels are being changed, enlarged and so is the volume of anointing in you, this increase will continue until the appointed time.

The vessels that are being chosen have seen My light of truth, and have let go of the things of this world. They have come into Me completely, they are no longer bound by fear, or this world, they are completely of My heart.

It will not be long, and I know there are many that are feeling frustrated by this, but when you are living completely within My Spirit and anointing than you will see that the normal emotions that you felt before are part of you no more.

You will have an easier time waiting if you wait within Me. Trust in Me, My children as it is true I Am with each and every one of you leading your way.

When you are within Me, you can think better with My heart and not your head. Let Me bring you all into this peace, through My understanding.

There are many jobs that are to be filled, and all of you will have one. Which one is up to you as to how much of My anointing you allow Me to fill you with.

Come to Me and let go of yourself, live in Me and not in the world, as soon this world will be no more.


He is working hard and strong in us, if we let Him. Go to Him and stay in Him so you can receive all He has for you. It is a wonderful feeling to be in His presence, the peace He gives us is like none other.
God bless you all and I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that we all find our way to Him and receive all that He has for us.