Being My Sheep Does Not Mean To Blindly Follow Message 540 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on May 9, 2017

Being My Sheep Does Not Mean To Blindly Follow Message 540
I see now there was more to the reason that God chose the image He did to say I love you.
When I googled image for I love you in American Sign Language, I found a very disturbing page with a link claiming that Helen Keller was a Satanist, meaning therefore this language was from the devil with information they called proof.
Many people are believing this and many other lies, just say the word satan, devil, occult or false god, and they run screaming not going to God or looking into it for themselves with His lead and understanding.
If they would have researched Helen Keller for themselves instead of relying on the evidence that was on the page they were sent to, they would have seen the fact that Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, and realized there is no way either she or her nurse would have come up with a language that had to be seen to be understood. The language they used was done by touch. She had nothing to do with forming the American Sign language so it does not matter, rather or not she was part of any satanic group or what she believed.
These are the comments I saw on this page. The first two were from one man. The third was from a woman. I would say that obviously the person who created this article did not read all the details about Helen Keller. It states that she was into the occult, you completely bypassed the information about this. Obviously our heavenly Father knows what kind of sign it is you are gesturing to your loved ones, however I do not want to confuse this and anyway with something satanic it’s best to avoid it completely. The satanic sign was developed years before Helen Keller came on the scene. The two symbols depicted are often used by the satanic movement whether the 1st or the 2nd it is still used to this very day and like I stated it’s best to avoid it.
The woman wrote –  I actually ended up at the same site u talked about and was horrified. My kids, my husband and I have been doing this for years. None of us are deaf; it is a way to say I love you from far off. Like when their driving away or whatever. I was so scared and sad if we had been unknowingly giving the devil some weird recognition. Thank God. for your post here it makes me feel much better. Thank you. We are to follow God and not man or his stupid ideas with half truths and lies, we need to wake up and use our brain and think before we automatically jump on anyone’s band wagon.
This is just one example of people blindly following before checking in with God or things for themselves.
Another one that people are believing is that because the name Jesus sounds like Zeus in Spanish that you are praying to Zeus, aka satan, when you pray in the name of Jesus and are to only use the name Yeshua.
I have also seen just as many people saying that Yeshua is the wrong name and you are praying to satan when you use it. We know in our hearts who we are praying to and so does our God the I AM That I AM. This is the name He gave me when I had once asked Him what His name was when I was talking to Dad The Father. I think this is why He had me use both in the messages He gives through me.
Another one I found out about is the true blood line and the Lord told me because Jesus covers us in His blood, we do not need to worry if any of this is true or not.
There are also a lot of people now thinking that they should decide who will be received by God even threatening people with the bible saying that they will automatically go to hell if they do this or that I know we should not be a homosexual, but God is love and He will decide their heart and not us.
Just like once a friend knowing I receive messages and dreams asked me about drinking being a sin. I told her that yes I know it says we are not to be a drunkard. I do not drink often but that is just me, but I have always thought that was between them and God and not for me to decide.
As I was on the way home from the diner last night, I was remembering when God first started bringing me back to my calling. Two years ago I was shown that hell was real and it really scared me and I realized that I wanted no one to have to be in hell not even Hitler. He started laying on my heart to pray for others and when He did this, I prayed with true remorse for them begging for mercy for all souls.
When I was on my way home, He gave me a thought that every kind of person that Hitler rejected and killed God will receive, not everyone will be received, but which ones are is up to Him and not us.
In the case of sin, as it is written, if you are not sure and believe it could be sin, it is best not to do it at all and not to come against each other over it.
My Children, Have I not said My Sheep know My Voice, meaning pay attention, do not just agree or disagree whenever someone uses My Name.
If I did not give it to them it is not of Me. Just because they did some research finding what man has written does not make it true, even if they are believing they are doing what I would want them to do.
You need to look with your eyes wide open, if you only saw the horns of the beast in My hand then you missed the L, My love, as the thumb out is the L for love.
They flash the horns because there is no love in satan as he is only evil.
Another thing is just because someone does not understand what The Holy Spirit is revealing does not mean they should say it is of the occult or following false gods.
The understanding is new to them so they are sure it is wrong and not of Me instead of coming to Me with it, they will do research on the internet, and we all know that if it is on the internet it must be true, and read books written by people that have been well studied in the seminary or schools that the churches of man built and are not teaching as I lead because they never came to Me to lead them so they teach the doctrine of man and say it is sound because they read it in a book using My name with their understanding.
This does not make it true or right My Children, the ones that have more of My true understanding in them are the ones that did not latch on to the churches of man and cling to the doctrine they teach or what they read in the bible alone, without Me with them giving them My understanding of what was written.
If you want the truth the whole truth come to Me, and do not follow blindly just because someone else does, even if it is coming from a friend, it does not mean they are right.
By now you should see that there is a difference between just reading the words in the Bible and receiving My understanding while you read with My anointing, and just reading the words with your own does not mean you understand what I want you to, as not everything is in there.
It is written that some was hidden, and now I am revealing it to you so you will not find every word I tell you in it.
We need to keep our eyes wide open and do not jump every time someone yells fire, even if it is from someone you think you should trust, just because they think there is smoke does not mean there is fire. I have been shown the ones that are yelling fire the most are the ones that are mistaking God convicting their hearts for a warning of what they heard through His messengers. This message went a lot longer than I thought it would, so please watch or read it more than once to receive what He wants you to. The word count was 951 at one point and I found in Strong’s Hebrew Amos name of a prophet for I am a herdsman, and a grower.
God bless us all and I love you.