Shopping for an end times church…


Susan Davis

20 January 2017

Shopping for an end times church…

Most people see a church that looks like it has it all together by the appearance of the building, the programs run, and the overall “packaging” of the church. However, don’t be deceived in this late hour–most churches preach a “partial” CHRIST–or a “sorta-kinda” CHRIST… They just do not want “all” of CHRIST.

Most churches, mainstream and new age, want to focus on certain aspects of CHRIST and not others. I have found this to be true in ALL of my church experiences.

I have been to churches that had great worship and liked to promote spiritual gifts but would not say a word about end times. Then I have been to churches that were studying Revelations and end times but would not discuss the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT at all.

And another church I went to was big on worship but also big on worldly prosperity….

So here is a basic check list of things that CHRIST is big on ALL THE TIME:

1: Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT (and the manifestations of the HOLY SPIRIT that follow through spiritual giftings)
2: Fear of GOD (the beginning of understanding); repentance; hell is real.
3: Outreach (promoting CHRIST to other people)
4: End Times (seeing the signs and knowing the hour)
5: Holiness (Surrendering to the Will of the FATHER; spot- and wrinkle-free garments; being sanctified)
6: Understanding the Bible through the eyes of the HOLY SPIRIT
7: Deliverance ministry (casting out demons by the power of CHRIST)
8: Intimacy with GOD: FATHER; SON; HOLY SPIRIT (being the bride of CHRIST: knowing CHRIST vs. “I never knew you”)
9: Healing (GOD is still in the healing business: wholeness of mind; body; spirit)

Here is what to watch out for:
1: If the church has a problem with anything on the list above.

You might not find a single church that wants “ALL” of CHRIST because here is the problem: Matthew 7:14 (KJV): Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

The Lukewarm Churches’ Bible is different than the Bride of CHRIST’s Bible–here’s how:

I strongly recommend that you consider the “first church” the Christians went to in the NT after the LORD was found resurrected “risen” they did not go looking for a big established church–there wasn’t any–then over the years men have created established churches by “the traditions of men” but I believe if you gather a few people together in your home or someone’s home and share your faith–GOD says HE is where two or more are gathered–must be HE knew the big churches would become spiritually corrupt….