SHORT VISION From Maurice Sklar


Angela Whitworth

From: Maurice Sklar :

“Yesterday afternoon I had a short vision. I saw a wide, laser-like “beam’ of liquid fire that shot from space from a satellite orbiting Earth. When it hit the ground a wall of fire erupted and began burning everything in its path like a napalm bomb. The LORD spoke to me and said,
“There is a secret weapon now deployed that starts white-hot massive fires from space. This is what has caused the recent fires in California, in the Amazon, in New Zealand and many other places. This is what destroyed Paradise, CA. last year as well. It is now perfected and can be released at will. It has such hot temperatures that it incinerates nearly everything it touches.”
God then said, “This has a code name called “Hades”, and I have allowed Satan to manifest this as one of the weapons for the Tribulation that is shortly to come!. Tell My prayer warriors to pray against it being used anymore before the Tribulation begins! I am about to take My Bride Home!”