Something Is Nothing Unless You Make It Something Message 541 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 9 May 2017

Something Is Nothing Unless You Make It Something Message 541

My Children, something you think is bad is not always something bad unless you make it so.

Just like the argument of using the name Easter for the celebration of My Resurrection using it is not wrong, and it has nothing to do with any false god unless that is their intent, as I know what they are celebrating and what they mean, and so do you, so correcting them is wrong of you, and I ask you, is it right to say because it is the celebration for evil that you are not acknowledging Me in any way on that day for fear someone might judge you as you have judged?

Or the same fight about Christmas and saying that people that have dreams of Easter or Christmas are not of Me. I have told you I bring them what they know to take them to where I want them to go. The name Easter, bringing to their attention bunnies, chocolate, colored eggs, dates or anything else I chose was bringing them to the Spring, and telling that this is the season of My Passover and not Fall or Winter; dreaming of Christmas was saying it is My Son, Christ that comes.

Children, if you truly are My Children why do you say I am a God of love and think I judge like this?

This is why if any one person had to decide, no one not even them would enter Heaven, as no one has ever been perfect in the eyes of man not even My Son Jesus Christ/Yeshua.

He did my work on the Sabbath when He healed the sick and the lame, and to argue about which day is the Sabbath is not right to do either, and to say that people that work on the day they think is the true Sabbath are not keeping the Sabbath is not right to do either because your rest is to be in Him as He is your Sabbath.

Because He is your rest and your salvation, you can rest in His presence any time day or night no matter what you are doing, and to do this every day is truly the best way, as you will truly be doing My work when the time comes to take you home.

Love Children, think with love, react with love.

Time is shorter than you know.

The Father and The Son

Just after this message I started hearing the song “Don’t be stupid,” and heard” Don’t be stupid, You Know I love You.”
We really need to stop being stupid and childish, and accept that God truly is love not in just some cases or concerning some people but in all things and all people.
God bless us all and I love you.