Praise Jesus King and Savior

Published on Feb 5, 2017

” My people, do you have an idea what an incredible gift you have been given in My most holy Son Yeshua?

I have provided a way out for you.

A way out of your pain, your depression, your suffering, your loneliness, the heavy cares of the world in which you live.

All the world speaks of a coming time upon the earth of great tribulation.

Each soul deep in their hearts knows there is something unbalanced and unsettled at this time.

Where do you think this has come from?

Who do you think gently speaks to your soul, inviting you and drawing you into a deeper relationship with Me?

All is not hopeless, all is not lost.

Again, I have provided a way out of the darkness that has so enveloped you.

My heart mourns for those who feel they are not loved, for those who feel as if their life has no purpose, no meaning, for this is the lie of the enemy!

You must know that I Am Your Father and there is no one that has cared for you more than I have!

Read my Word!

I speak again and again of My love for ALL men.

I wish that NONE would be lost!

This is why now, at this time, I Am speaking to so many of my servants about repentance, words of warning about the condition of your souls.

All of the things you have put your dependence on, your focus, these are all things of this world.

My Kingdom is not of this world.

In my Kingdom, there is no suffering, no pain, and no sorrow, no hopelessness, and no fear.

But know this; this gift of My Son and My invitation to allow Him to give you access to Me through His shed blood is a choice of free will.

I will never force you to believe in Me or believe I sent My Son to redeem you.

The choice will always be yours.

This should show you how very much I love you, in that I would never command you to love Me as well.

I want your heart and I want all of it, but it must be of your own accord.

Please allow Me to soothe the hurts and pains in your life.

I can fill that emptiness in your heart, and turn your sorrow into joy.

I can bring you a peace that exceeds all understanding.

I Am the only way you will find the relief of your soul that you are so desperate for.

Let Me show you this.

Give Me a chance to comfort you and all will be well with your soul.

You have My word on this.

I can not let you down.

You must turn from your worldly pleasures now!

They only offer empty promises that could never fulfill you in the ways in which you search.

Your soul is the only thing that will matter very soon, and your relationship with Me, for all these other things are soon passing away…”

Your Father in Heaven