Spiritual Warfare N°3

This teaching is the 3rd part in a series of eleven teachings, and will be incomplete if read without the others.

Occult/satanic Jewellery

Chains (some witches even wear them on their ankles), rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and other jewels: Do not imitate agents of satan who despite the teachings continue to be attached to them.

Jewellery, rings, bracelets, chains and many others, are only there for the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It is the same thing with wigs and other sets or fineries which many women are still firmly attached to.

All these external loads that you put on, are simply objects of seduction, and only meant to glorify satan. All these things only help to satisfy the desire of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. So they constitute great open doors to satan. Repent and abandon all those things.

The search for artificial beauty is a terrible danger for human beings, a great trap that satan has set for humanity. And all those who fall in it, suffer terribly. Be very careful. Flee from all these elements that give you some artificial beauty, and praise God for the natural beauty which He has blessed you with. Psalm 139:14 says: I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.

Let me open a bracket here to give you another element of discernment. If you meet so-called children of God, who have fully received the knowledge of the truth, and who still attach themselves to these seductive products, know that they are of satan. True Children of God are attached to these things when they are still in ignorance. But once the Lord opens their eyes, they repent and abandon these things without hesitation. Whereas the agents of satan will always find justifications to hang on to them.

The Lord says “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free“. We were all in falsehood, that is, the gospel of lies. The moment the Lord gave us the truth, we allowed ourselves to be set free by the truth. True Children of God always allow themselves to be set free by the truth, and they are really delighted to have been set free at last. Whereas those people of satan, being not of the truth, never allow themselves to be set free by the truth. You will know them in your midst. The things of God always appear to be too difficult for them to put into practice, even simple things. These people always spend their time disputing the teachings, they never stop making up reasons to justify their stubbornness. You, Children of God, do not imitate them.

If you know so-called sisters in your midst who constantly create arguments of the kind “we need not wear coverings at all time”, “a bit of make-up can be used so far as it is not exaggerated”, “the Bible does not specify that trousers are man’s clothing”, “Jesus was wearing gowns”, do not be surprised. They are the people of satan. The truth seems too complicated to them, and they are always attached to the things of the world like their father the devil.

And as you notice it yourself, these objects are of no use. They are just there for the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. The Bible clearly asks us to flee from all these things.

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – is not of the Father but is of the world. 1John 2:15-16.


Food and drinks

As on other objects, satan and his agents make a lot of incantations on the food and drinks which we consume, with the aim of possessing us by their impure spirits, if not to establish a link through which they can reach us.



The food that the world consumes thus constitutes great open doors for satan to ruin humanity. Satan’s agents put in all their efforts to carry out abominable practices on the food that we consume. So we need to be very careful with what we eat, and there is a wide range of foods that we need to avoid as much as we can.

It is about all the food or products that are sold already ground (chopped, mixed), or transformed (canned food, ready-made meal), because satan and his agents make sure that real abominations are ground and sold on the markets. Do not be surprised therefore that there are many sicknesses today, including those whose names are unknown. You often hear of food poisoning, arising from normal foods that are supposed to do good to man.

When the Lord led us to carry out some research on the practices of satan on the food we consume, we discovered to what extent the world consumes rubbish, that is, things that cannot be named. Satanists often make sure they mix the food on the market with all the possible dirt.

Minced meats and mixed food

A lot of minced meats or mixed food are mixed with some human flesh, aimed at initiating those who eat them into witchcraft. Many products that you buy already ground or crushed, like corned-beef, cooked ham, pâtés, sausages, and others, are usually mixed with all forms of rottenness. It’s the same with ready to eat babies’ meals in small jars: All these abominations full of terrible incantations, aim at soiling the whole world, and at inflicting many diseases or demonic possessions on those who consume them.

Canned food

Many types of canned food that you buy on the markets are made of human and animal dead bodies, and foetus. In some Asian countries, many agents of satan have embarked on the business of foetus and other dead bodies. Aborted babies are transformed into canned foods, and flood all the markets of the whole world, and people are crazy about it. Be careful with canned food! A large portion of these aborted babies are served as food in Asian restaurants wherever they are based all over the world. If only people could know what they eat every time!

It’s the same thing with some sardines. You find tinned sardines and/or tuna on which it is written “queen of the coast”. Do not think that this is just a simple advertisement. Most of these sardines are not sardines at all. Pay attention to what you buy. Be careful! Now that you have been warned, take your precautions.

Ready-made meal, sauces and seasonings

Be careful with roasted or fried or well prepared meat that you buy, all ready made. Some of these meats are far from being what is being presented before you. Be careful with the food they serve you in hotels and restaurants, be careful with foods served in your work place canteens, in school canteens and the foods sold in colleges, high schools, and primary schools. Be careful with all ready-made food.

Other products such as ketchups, jams, aromas, salad dressings, spices, and other seasonings, are most often mixed with human blood, powders of human flesh, and other rottenness. Magi cubes, stock cubes, and many other ground ingredients are subject to the same treatment. All this with the goal of soiling the world, and initiating into witchcraft people not covered with the blood of Jesus, and all those who are negligent.

Pollutions by various human excrements

Many traders to be successful in their businesses, sign pacts with satan; and satan often asks them to carry out horrible practices so as to attract customers. Some women often put their menses in the food they sell every time, together with many other incantations, according to the instructions they receive from witch doctors, to attract customers. Other traders pour human faeces and urines in foods, with some other incantations, to attract customers. By the grace of God, many of such satanic networks have been caught and exposed in many countries.

You see at times shopkeepers, generally specialised in the food business like restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias and other cheap restaurants, with large crowd surrounding them in such a way that you begin to wonder what is so delicious or special in the dishes they prepare so as to attract such a large crowd; it is due to the terrible incantations they make resulting from the numerous pacts they sign with witch doctors. Only God knows what they serve to people.

There are so many examples and testimonies on this subject that if we were to enumerate all of them, this teaching would be very long. Nevertheless, let me give you the most recent example. It is a case of food contamination which is at present, in the hands of the Illinois police in the United States. An American newspaper reported this disturbing story which took place at Wheaton North High School in the Illinois on December 6th, 2006. A 17-year-old pupil, discreetly ejaculated into a bottle of ranch salad dressing which was to be served during lunch time on that day. He admitted his action after being questioned by police; but we are unsure as to how many people consumed that salad dressing.

This case, beloved, is only a drop in the ocean, given the number of thousands of others of the same kind, who are not often caught. But if the Lord allows that such cases reach our ears, it’s to help us to believe that satan and his agents are indeed in action, so that we take our precautions. Time is really over and the enemy knows that he has only got but few days left. Be careful and do no longer open doors to him in order to be initiated.




So-called mineral or spring water

We also got the testimonies of satan’s agents who pour their filths (urines, spits, sweat and others) in mineral water, which many confidently buy and consume, thinking that they are dealing with clean and well treated water. If you can buy filters to filter your water, that will be the ideal. If not, it would be preferable to drink non filtered tap water, rather than drinking so-called mineral or pure water, filled with all types of dirt.

In the regions where several people cannot afford a refrigerator and instead find themselves buying either some cold water or ice to refresh the water, it is also important to be very careful. These ices often come from the mortuary. As for cold waters, they come sometimes from waste water, or from soiled waters. It’s the same for juices sold in small frozen or cool bags, in public places.


Also flee from all these sweet coloured chemical drinks whose true composition and the process of production would frighten you if it were revealed to you. All these coca-cola, fanta, sprite, youki, pepsi, top, malta and the other fizzy drinks, are only dirty drinks without any nutritional value. In the long run they only destroy your health.

As for the industrial fruit juices, they have been so sterilized and treated that the natural substances present in fresh fruits, are completely destroyed. All the nutritional elements whose presence and quality are praised by producing companies are only added to those drinks once they are ready. Therefore, do not be deceived; no matter how they call it (hundred percent pure juice, colouring and preservative free, etc.), the fact remains that they are false drinks which are also diluted with all sorts of dirt. If you want to drink fruit juices, for those of you who can afford to have a blender, it is more interesting to buy fruits and make your own fruit juice. If not, it is always better to eat fruits rather than to drink them in juice. You will then escape from many traps of satan. Do not forget that water remains the best drink.


Conclusion: Learn to prepare your own food!

The few elements already named, are enough to make you understand the gravity of the wickedness and the cruelty of satan and his agents. Flee from all those public places that prepare ready-made food. Know that you eat abominations in those places, and through these abominations, you are initiated. These dirt that you swallow constitute wide open doors to satan in your life. For those of you who have house servants, you also need to watch. Many domestic servants are great agents of satan, and they cause you to eat these same abominations even in your own house.

You should purify and cover with the blood of Jesus all the food that you buy on the market, and avoid all that you can. If you want to avoid eating abominations, flee from restaurants and all other foods sold or distributed in public places. Eat natural food as much as you can. All that you can prepare yourself, do so. Flee from all ready made food.


Lending, borrowing, gifts and rendered services

I have chosen to treat lending, borrowing, and gifts as a separate topic, with the aim of drawing your attention. You should take this topic very seriously. Generally, people don’t understand why lending, borrowing, and gifts could constitute open doors. Understand beloved that spiritual laws are far above our logic or reasoning.

A normal lending is not actually a problem, a normal borrowing is not a problem, and a normal gift is not a problem. When I talk of “normal” here, I mean every relationship concerning a normal person that has no contact with the satanic world. This means that if you lend something to or borrow from or extend a gift to a child of God or any person who is not an agent of satan, there should not constitute an open door.

But all that you lend to agents of satan, all that you borrow from them, any gift which you receive from them, and all that you offer to them, constitute great open doors for their incantations. Agents of satan never miss such opportunities; they always exploit and use them against you. You should never again fall in the trap of lending to agents of satan, or borrowing from them, or receiving gifts from them, or offering things to them.

Let me give you some concrete examples. When you borrow things from agents of satan, those things always bring you misfortune. If you need money for instance, to trade, if you borrow money from an agent of satan, that business will never succeed; on the contrary you will be plunged into trouble. And if you have any project, and happen to receive assistance from the agents of satan to carry it out, you should expect problems. Agents of satan always succeed in these plots because the loan or the help they offer you, open doors to them to torment you and destroy your business or projects. This is the reason why agents of satan are always so prompt to offer you loans or help each time you are in need. This is generally to open a door, and hold you captive. You should not always easily accept these quick gifts that satanists offer to you. It’s the same with the so-called help that Catholic organizations put at people’s disposal.

In the same way, when you offer things to them, they will make incantations on them and hence succeed to get you. You should therefore be very careful in your dealings with the people of satan that surround you. You should also exercise discernment to detect agents of satan who pretend to be christians and are so-called brothers and sisters.

On this, I will share with you this testimony related to the gifts that we receive from agents of satan. This testimony is that of two so-called “sisters in Christ” who were members of a so-called christian assembly, a Baptist church in Montreal in Canada.

One of them was about to get married, and had already got her wedding gown ready. The second, who was a seamstress offered to make her a wedding gown. She refused on the basis that she already bought one. The “sister” who was a seamstress insisted by asking her whether her wedding gown suited her well. She then told her that her gown was just about right. The seamstress sister offered to adjust her wedding gown free of charge. Touched by the “kindness” of her so-called “sister in Christ”, she gave in and handed her the gown. What she ignored, was the fact that her so-called “sister in Christ “, far from being a kind sister who wanted to help her, was a wicked witch who wanted to kill her, and who was only looking for a door to get her.

Once the work was completed, she passed through the work shop to measure her adjusted gown. She put on the gown and to appreciate the work done, the seamstress asked her to mirror herself using the mirror that was set aside for that purpose. Once she was in front of the mirror, she felt a sharp pain on her back, as if she was hit by an arrow. It was exactly the case; it was a satanic arrow which had just reached her. The pain was so acute, so much so that she left the workshop. Since that day, she never stopped suffering. All her attempts to recover from the pain were vain. She had to undergo surgical operation yet without any remedy. Sometimes later, she died.

If you look back in the past, you will easily understand some of the things you suffered. For those of you who received helps from the agents of satan in different situations, or who helped them, it is even more obvious.

In conclusion, know that lending, borrowing, gifts, and things received or given to sorcerers and other agents of satan, constitute great open doors to satan. Avoid those things now as much as you can.

Students must also be very careful with things they lend to and borrow from their classmates, and the things they exchange with classmates. The agents of satan that are found in their midst are very dangerous, and use these things to make incantations against them so that they should not succeed in their exams. Be very vigilant. Your failures at times come from agents of satan who offered you certain school materials like text books, exercise books, pencils, or even money for school fees. So, you should watch carefully your sources of finance and supply: destroy all the possible incantations on your things, and on all the things that you receive, and refuse the things from persons that you know are dangerous.




Dirtiness and disorder

Dirtiness and disorder constitute open doors to satan. This point also gives us another element of discernment. A high degree of dirtiness and disorder is a sign of witchcraft practices. There is a certain level of dirtiness and disorder that a normal person cannot bear. If you find people who feel at ease with an unbearable degree of dirtiness and disorder, know that they are sorcerers. Satan likes every thing that is dirty, ugly, hideous and odd. If you maintain a certain level of dirtiness and disorder, you will certainly invite him into your life. Make sure you are neat, disciplined, organised and tidy. The Lord approves all these things.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all! Amen!