Matthew 6:19-21, Ephesians 6:10-18, 1John 4:4

Spiritual Warfare Part 4


My ways are not your ways neither are my thoughts your thoughts.

I have told you that you do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness in high places.

Children, many of you seem to have forgotten this, you are thinking like the world thinks, that when you go to war with your enemy and kill him and damage his property then you have overcome him.

Children, the enemy you face is not flesh and blood and therefore he cannot be killed by bullets.

He is a spirit and he is influencing humans who live in the flesh to further his agenda.

Killing his subjects will not solve anything for he has many subjects, too numerous for you to annihilate.

Children this war that you must fight will not be fought in a physical battlefield but in a spiritual one.

You must fight this battle on your knees and on your face with much travail.

Just as you cannot kill Satan because he is not flesh or his ideology, he, try as he may, will not kill all my children during the Great Tribulation Period.

He will try and he will slaughter many but he will not be able to kill them all.

Just as his ideology cannot be extinguished by bullets neither can he spill enough blood to wipe out my voice from the earth. My Word after all is forever and will never be removed from the physical or spiritual realm.

Children, even though your enemies persecute and put you to death, you must remember that there is an evil spirit behind their agenda and it is that spirit that you must battle against.

Battle through prayer and fasting, battle through testifying for me and making disciples of all nations, rescue those in the enemy’s camp for they are trapped and if none rescues them they will all end up in hell itself.

Children, all battles, and I mean all spiritual as well as physical battles are won while you are on your knees in prayer.

This is the time for battle; turn your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears.

There is no peace in the world except the peace that I deposit inside your heart.

It is not time to rest nor is it time to despair.

Put on your armor and go to war.

I am raising a mighty army, one that will overcome the enemy at the gates.

March forth; it is time to put the enemy to flight.

Much blood will be shed but victory is ours.

The enemy fights yes and he is strong yes, but he is fighting a losing battle, and the one inside you is stronger than he.

Stay encouraged this is a war and there will be some losses but do not count the loss of property, position, privilege and reputation for these are losses of this world and remember whatever you lose on this earth will never equal the rewards that are stored up for you in heaven.

March on soldiers you are well equipped to win this war!

I am with you always.

Jesus, Amen.