Book 17: Heavenly Courts

Heavenly Courts


Well, that night turned into chaos, as a thunderbolt of electricity mixed with radiation hit her so hard that she opened her eyes, collapsing. I had rushed to her aid, but my efforts seemed in vain. Mom stumbled to the living room away from her bed which was once again a nest of live wires. Very high voltages of electronic magnetic frequencies streaked through  the atmosphere accompanied by mind-boggling binding forces trying to bend and break her.

A sickening smell to the gut of our stomach swept through; I felt trapped in a hopeless and helpless situation. Her coiled mattress appeared to be boiling and sizzling with radiation and magnetic currents.

Reader, this is most difficult to describe as she became a victim of the invisible electromagnetic warfare. I reiterate that these cell phone towers were erected every 100 metres in the residential areas.

I had been shown in so many different Spirit dreams that I was back at school and understood that what we were facing was for our learning.

Mom had replaced her bed with a high foam density mattress since the coiled mattress could have had transmitters which linked to the transmitters on these towers.

That night, her sleep was sweet as she had placed her bed in the living room, but lurking in her bedroom was something dark. In this evil presence, she had dozed off, but during the early hours of the morning a dark force ripped at her chest and covered her form.

Under total ripping controlling forces, she sat up and began to rebuke the burning painfulness from her chest.

“Lord Jesus, I still am not able to see it. I still don’t see it, please help me to see it. This is something only You can open my eyes, Spirit eye to see.”

Daniel 7: 10 “A stream of fire came forth from before Him; a thousand thousands ministered to Him and ten thousand times ten thousand rose up and stood before Him; the Judge was seated (the Court was in session) and the books were opened

Then it happened in just a wink, she thought, “Lord Jesus, I am starting to see it. I now come to the Court of Divorce. Lord, grant me an eternal divorce from the spiritual husband You have shown Yolin that had passed down the ancestral and generational bloodline.”

As she put forth her case and reason for an eternal divorce, the heavy pain lifted from her chest, and all burning dark powers faded away.

That morning, she went to the Heavenly Court of Appeal, “Father, in Christ Jesus’ Name, I come to the Court of Appeal for help. I confess that I stand guilty of all charges for which the accuser had the legal right to attack me.

I plead guilty and appeal for help. My complete ancestral and generational bloodline going back to Adam had been completely corrupted. For this cause, God wiped out all living and only Noah and his sons and their wives were spared. Even thereafter, all mankind had corrupted itself…”

The day felt better than the previous days, so when we gathered to pray that night, mom went back to the Heavenly Court of Appeal for help.

During my high school years, one of the students had breathed witchcraft into my blood. Also she appealed for help as her surname “Birch” originated back to the forests of the United Kingdom where the birch families lived under birch trees.

Her appeal was that the forest sirens had signed an agreement, or come into covenant with those Birch families. It could have been for prosperity or protection or for whatever reason. Whether they had intermarried with sirens or had children with those forest sirens, satan had recorded it in his books of accusation. Sure enough, dark matters initiated from the bowels of satan began manifesting down the complete Birch ancestral and generational bloodlines.

She had approached the Heavenly Courts of Appeal for a bloodline cleansing, stating that a New Covenant which is the Blood Covenant, overwrites all old agreements and old covenants which were made hundreds of years ago. It had been recorded in the books of accusations.

Isaiah 43: 25-27 “I, even I, am He Who blotteth out (and cancels) your transgressions, for Mine own sake, and I will not remember thy sins. Put Me in remembrance; let us plead (and argue) together. Set forth your case, that you may be justified. Your first father hath sinned, and thy teachers have transgressed against me.”

That night, the zinging in her ears had no effect, but she experienced that a dark force  had attacked her chest. So for a couple of nights, this thing was trying to either rip out her chest or cause cardiac failure.

This she took to the Heavenly Court of Appeal for help as her mother passed away due to cardiac failure.

She had approached the Heavenly Court of Accusation asking that the Judge open the books to reveal every accusation which gave Satan the legal right to persistently violate each Court ruling.

For during the early years of my conversion, I was shown in one Spirit revelation that a dragon and a serpent woven together, formed a band around my wrist.

Therefore she took this to the Heavenly Court of Appeal for help. The dragon siren and the serpent siren represent a demonic and heathen culture and worship due to ancestral and generational bloodline.

Yet evil seemed to have the right to manifest its ugly head even though she had bought a brand new, high density, reconstituted, foam posture support, core bed. This matter led her to the Heavenly Court of Accusation.

Her request was that the Lord Jesus, as her attorney, should appeal to the Judge to open the book of accusation. Yes, the enemy had legal ground, and she was determined to know and understand what seemed to be a mystery.

Reader, when one goes to the Heavenly Court of Accusation, sometimes the answers are revealed immediately, and sometimes the answers are revealed in the Lord’s time.

But in this matter, as she remained focused, this loomed before her!

Immediately, she understood that the image shown below had the legal right to share her bed!

The manufacturers had actually sewn it onto the mattress, giving this siren an 8 year service warranty. This siren was knitted into the layers giving its victim a gentle firm feel. It was to be luxurious all the way!


Mattress Siren

Immediately, she went to the Heavenly Court of Appeal for a reconsideration of the decision of the Court of Accusation. She asked to review the case and to reconsider a verdict based on the following:

She had removed the above illustration sown into the mattress, on the day it was purchased, and blessed and cleansed the bed with the Blood of Jesus. In doing so, she had been violently assaulted because she should not have taken away the legal right of this siren before a Judge had assessed the case.

She pleaded guilty to all accusations brought against her, and confessing, repented asking that the Blood of Jesus cleanse her. Thereafter, she put forth her case before the Judge who rendered a verdict.

As the Holy Spirit poured out an anointing over her physical body, every burn pain left and the siren faded away.

Then I was taken into Spirit Revelation and saw that I was no longer attending high school, but that I was attending college.