Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe: Book 19 – High Tech Weapons Used In Spiritual Warfare

High Tech Weapons Used In Spiritual Warfare

I had been given so many Spirit dreams upon my bed that revealed I was back at school.

We had come face to face with the unknown amidst waves of evil torment intermingled with waves of evil torture. We had been given special discernment to complete the inexplicable witch hunting mission, not to mention the demon gangstalkers!

Who would believe what was actually happening? “What human mind is able to perceive this?” we sighed.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) and high level energy laser beams exploded directly onto mom until she appeared worse than just a speck of hopelessness.

“Who is able to bear it?” she wept in her desperation unto the Father, yet once again she thought that He had forgotten her. Bleeding and broken, so worn and battle-weary, one morning she was given a dream.

She had utterly destroyed an alien and flushed the thing down the toilet, but to her surprise this evil being returned fuming, not to mention the fierceness that billowed out with streaks of fury. The thing had powered up into an enormous super being.

What a colossal of a monster! It stormed through armed with mind-boggling high tech weapons that no human was able to match.

Reader, it was not the thing’s stature that caused everyone present to flee, but the type of weapons were more than overwhelmingly terrifying.

Everyone’s knives and guns appeared like play toys in comparison. What a situation! Our eyes goggled at the sight. We were like ants, like grasshoppers!

As evil upon evil swallowed up the minds of those who showed a clean pair of heels the monster headed straight for mom. In this very grave situation, she opened her eyes feeling very sick, bruised and overwhelmed.

And so it came to pass, each night we faced what manifested infinitely worse than anything expected. “Can it get worse than this?” we sighed. The EMF and radiation turned the more into psychic-electronics mixed with different levels of magic power. What a diabolical  combination! Any normal person in their right frame of mind could never dream up these types of silent massacre weapons!

With such demonic inventions, nothing that they intend to do is impossible!

Where does this all come from? Oh yes, absolutely, fallen angel technology polluting the world over to silently cook, torment, torture and massacre humanity into a pulp of nothingness.

One night I prayed, “Lord Jesus will You give us Spirit revelation into this dark matter?”

During that week, mom who had been severely attacked and thus slept most of the time with me, was given a revelation in which she was to participate.

The place in which she lodged had been under extreme surveillance – every movement was being monitored from space.  Suddenly, an unexpected death entrapment opened up. The impact startled her so much that she almost suffered lock jaw.

Looking toward the very strong and metre thick concrete and steel structured ceiling, there appeared long lines of laser beams struggling to penetrate the shield. Increased and intense, persistent, super force flashes of explosions from high tech weapons appeared to be coming through. It sounded like a pneumatic drill shaking the roof.

It seemed that the monitoring systems could not pick up exactly where mom was standing. Instead, laser beam explosions ran in consecutive lines across the ceiling of the place. This made it easy for her to dodge them.


Psycho-tronic warfare intensified to levels beyond what any human is able to avoid – this was silent massacre. High levels of different types of magic and different types of psychic warfare manifested night and day. Shhhh… shhhh… shhhh… sounding louder and louder twenty-four hours each passing day until mom faced what was definitely from the bowels of Hell.

We remained utterly sick as psychic demon infestation saturated the air. For this reason she remained in intense prayer. Our badly bruised and battered bodies felt shredded to bits. Sleep left us, and in total despair and desperation, we cried out each passing morning and night before the Courts of Appeal.


One night, I was taken into an open Spirit vision, and was shown a black cat curled up on the carpet in my bedroom. As long as this was manifested the black crow returned and constantly made weird sounds.

I remained sick, and sleep left me completely so that mom decided to buy me a new mattress. As each night came and went I decided to approach her. “There is something moving in my bed especially at night”, I said. “Yes, I had also experienced it”, she replied.

Immediately, we understood that this image had the legal right to share my bed!

The manufacturers had actually sewn an image onto the mattress thus giving this siren an 8 year service warranty. This siren was knitted into the layers, giving its victim a gentle firm feel. It was to be luxurious all the way! So this siren is supposed to fulfil the guarantee?

“So the shape shifters are back again!” she muttered, because after feeding the cat, it had just disappeared in the house.


For weeks on end, we were speechless at the amount of untold attacks – words cannot  describe it all. We remained in fervent prayer until one morning when I was given Spirit revelation upon my bed of the old adversary who for years had shape shifted into the vilest type of mind boggling image that no one can ever imagine.

Now the adversary looked at me with a mind seared with hot irons directly from the bowels of hell. He could not find words suitable enough to shatter me. He needed to complete his assignment given to him. I was described as the worse type of disease that needed to be wiped out and obliterated. My very existence was completely not accepted in the kingdom of darkness.

Demon infestation had reached such a thick level that I could literally touch it. Out of this pit of torment my Spirit cried out, “Let there be an eternal separation between the shape shifter and me!”

I opened my eyes, feeling shredded and exhausted. “What now?” I pondered.

Once again, mom enquired whether I had received Spirit revelation from the Lord so that light could be shed on these unbearable grave situations. “So it is the old fierce foe again”, she said, understanding what she had to do. “Let us take this matter to the High Courts in Heaven for an eternal separation according to the revelation given to you.”

That night, I approached the High Court in Heaven where I put forth my cause to be justified according to Spirit revelation given to me.

So it was decreed and declared! DONE in JESUS’ NAME!


The following night upon my bed, I was shown in another Spirit revelation that the heart of the adversary (Hameed) had become hardened insomuch that he thought himself untouchable. He continued to use every type of spiritual weapon unknown to the human mind until revelation was shown in spirit that Divine Intervention had stepped in. Mom and I were granted to witness in the spirit realm, that every type of curse, every demon infestation, every type of evil power, every type of laser weapon, every type of evil source and stronghold that imagination could ever dream up, had been brought against us.

Especially during the wee hours about three-thirty a.m. every morning, an explosion of all the above-mentioned attacks came like a thunderbolt simultaneously to bruise and break mom. The intensity could only be described as mind-boggling.

Suddenly, the unexpected happened, both mom and I were to witness Divine Justice. What appeared to be irreversible totally turned the other way around and inside out – the adversary was suddenly gobbled up in the astral world!

Strongholds and strongmen, demon infestation of every level and type, wicked powers and demonic weapons of every level and type, and all evil inventions and imaginations went back into him simultaneously.

Divine Judgment and verdicts unfolded before our very eyes. Hameed collapsed and died, and was not granted to reach his own physical body.

Then I remembered His Word, “Touch not Mine Anointed and do My Prophets no harm.”


I also remembered one other Spirit revelation given to me a long time ago. I had seen Hameed’s two children – one was standing at the head and the other at the foot of my bed. I beheld that these kids exerted enormous dark powers. I pondered about the matter – who really were these five and two year old kids? Or what were they really?

Well, the time had arrived that these kids manifested, and what type of terribleness covered them was more than I could imagine. Immediately, I alerted mom who wasted no time but said that the matter concerning witch hunting had dark sides.

Nevertheless, Exodus Chapter 22 verse 18 says, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

A definite presence of evil could be felt as she exclaimed, “So they are for real!”

Instantly, Holy Fire mixed with acid was released a trillion percent, at full blast to completely wipe out all strongholds of these demonic kids who fled and never returned. So it was the outcome of Spirit revelation, DONE! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.