Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 20 : High Level Authority

High Level Authority

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As we sought the face of the Lord for answers I was given Spirit revelation as flashes of brilliance scintillated, I was ‘ATTIRED IN BRAND NEW SCHOOL CLOTHING.’


Yet warfare continued until mom turned to the area the unknown manifested, deep dark mind swaying forces; she rebuked, “The Authority of the Law of the Spirit of Life rule and reign over your powers of the law of sin and death. The Authority of Spirit Law bind you up… the Authority of the Spirit bind you up…”

Instantly, the unknown weakened and was cast into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name. I remained sick for days and days, and sleep left me until she laid hands on me and prayed for me, in Jesus’ Name.

That night the unknown returned many times, so mom rebuked, “Almighty God’s Word is Spirit… God is Spirit… Spirit Word bind you up… Spirit Word cast you into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name…”

As she kept repeating this it weakened and so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.

Yet warfare spiralled out of control especially during the most vulnerable times in the wee hours of each morning. Once again we sought the face of the Lord our God, and then Spirit revelation came through. Mom and I were in the most dreadful situation – being faced with a demon-possessed man. This was like the possessed man of Gadara very fierce so that no man could pass that way.

Well, this is what we were to face as this overwhelming fierce situation manifested itself, grunting and growling viciously. What now? I had seen this thing’s eyes turning over, and the white eye balls were looking at us.

How do we defend ourselves against something we had never faced before, something in human form with its turned over white eyes so fierce? Unarmed and un-equipped we stood studying its movements in detail, and how we were to defeat this utter possessed demoniac.

So this is the unknown we had been battling for weeks on end, day and night, we sighed. No wonder the EMF was too overwhelming again.

Well, it is Sunday morning, further revelation came through the Spirit to mom according to book 9 pages 10-11 which read as follows:-

“A couple of days later, the Lord Jesus once again showed me that I accompanied certain Believers. We were entering a Christian School for enrolment and started searching the place. Around the school we ascended to the first level where we met an African man.

The passageway was filled with the most gruesome scene. There were pieces of human flesh and blood everywhere. This tour guide stood in the centre of everything and welcomed the Believers.

He said, “To be accepted into this Christian school you have to go through an initiation.” Further he told us to jump on the pieces of human flesh and blood. He also stated this was his culture which was rooted and knitted into different religions.

So I understood why the African peoples were Christians or Muslims or Hindus etc. and why they also participated in their own cultural beliefs. I also understood that these people brought their culture into the Church. These peoples considered that mixing their culture with life itself was not wrong. The secret of this mystery was brought to light.

Out of a clear blue sky, His Voice descended like a Dove and told me, “That is not culture or religion, it is occult. You are in an occult school for witches and warlocks for Satanists and for such type of teachings.”

I thought that it was as the name stated – “Christian School.” Then His soft Voice spoke again, “This is actually an occult school and not a Christian school. So that the people will not be aware of it! By the end of their schooling these innocent people are graduated as Satanists or Occultists.”

After the Revelation was fully shown to me, His Voice stopped and the white Dove disappeared. So together we jumped for an hour, chanting words I cannot recall. After an hour, he stopped us and remarked, “It is done.” Immediately after the initiation, an indescribable dark force covered us.

I had always wondered why African people always had a certain type of darkness shielding them. In the Spirit vision my mind opened to understand its secret or mystery, why the initiation?

Thereafter, the African guide led us to begin our first class; I became terribly sick, almost unto death.

Then His Voice came again, “Plead the Name of Jesus…” Immediately, I pleaded the Name of Jesus; how long for I do not know!

Suddenly, the darkness fled and the deathly sickness left. The indescribable darkness over the Believers broke. Yet I kept on pleading the Name of Jesus when instantly, the guide grabbed his forehead. His neck bent backward as his screams filled the air and the entire school.

The Name of Jesus caused severe pains so that his physical body took on the form of the demon spirit he had dedicated himself to. I actually witnessed that it was not the ‘guide’ any longer, but his personal demon [the exact image in the illustration] which stood screeching clutching its head.”

Mom started to rebuke according to the above revelation and pleaded the Name of Jesus. The above image manifested and stuck its evil head out; the most nauseating smell of sulphuric acid intensified and hung thick in the air. So true, so true, it’s for real she sighed.

Mom suggested, “According to Spirit revelation, we are to destroy the African spirit guide.” The only way is to ask the Lord through His Holy Spirit for guidance. and so it was.

I had on many, many occasions bound the African spirit guide from Ghana together with its host of millions of demons and commanded that they be cast into the abyss never to return, in Jesus’ Name. To my amazement they returned or maybe it was a different ranking group.

And so warfare continued until mom raised her hand and rebuked, “Almighty God has ordained me to be in Governmental and jurisdictional seat of Authority. As God’s ecclesia on earth, I bind you with Spirit Authority for God is Spirit. His Spirit Authority in me and through me bind you up… Spirit Authority bind you up and cast all into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name. And so it was DONE.

With every manifestation she used Spirit Authority as ordained ecclesia and so each battle was overcome in Jesus’ Name. Then she thanked the Father according to Jeremiah 1: 12 …for I am God ready to perform My Word.”

And so it was DONE!


At other times, she would rebuke, “God’s Kingdom Authority bind up… Kingdom Authority bind you up…in Jesus’ Name…”

And so it was DONE!

Through Spirit revelation she understood the meaning of “ATTIRED IN BRAND NEW SCHOOL CLOTHING.”

As the Ecclesia of Almighty God, we are to take our Jurisdictional seat of Spirit Authority to rule and reign over the kingdom of darkness. “And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus” [Ephesians 2: 6]

[Ephesians 1: 20-23] “Which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand in the Heavenly places. Far above all principality and power and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: And hath put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the head over all things to the Church (the ecclesia), Which is His Body, the Fullness of Him that filleth all in all”

Yet warfare continued, once again she rebuked, “As ecclesia of the Lord of Hosts, I bind you up and cast you into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name…” This she said three times then walked away and would return later rebuking “As ecclesia of the Most High God, I bind all of you up and cast the millions into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.”

And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.

Yet warfare intensed so much we fought the unknown the entire day and night until we were battle-weary. Because it persisted we sought the Lord earnestly in prayer for answers. One morning, I approached mom and told her that I was given insight into the mystery.

I was out strolling down Park Avenue when something caught my attention. I knew in the natural realm this does not exist but in the spirit realm it was so real. At the end of one of the side roads leading off Park Avenue appeared a huge sand dune.

Bewildered at what does not really exist in the natural realm, a portion of a school building  protruded. I understood that the entire school was built into this massive sand dune. My Spirit knew that it was a school for witches, warlocks, satanists and occultists etc. This school was so massive that it had enough room for entire populations of vast suburbs.

So while I was relating this to her not knowing that she had already been in warfare most of that morning, she was rebuking, “The Law of the Spirit of Life and Light has set us free from the law of sin and death. As ecclesia of the Most High God, and of the Captain of the Hosts, I release Light. For Light overcomes all, all darkness. Light blind and bind up all darkness immediately…immediately… Cast all darkness into outer darkness, in Jesus’ Name.”

There was an immediate result, in Jesus’ Name.


Yet warfare raged out of control night and day, and this is her rebuke, “The Power of Almighty God is in His Word. The Word of His Power bind all of you up… The Power in His Word bind all of you up…and cast all of you into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.”

Once again there was an immediate result, in Jesus’ Name.


That morning demonic attacks were persistent so she rebuked, “Heaven’s Deadliest Weapons come forth…come forth…I command Heaven’s Deadliest Weapons to destroy all strongholds and strongmen controlling these demonic attacks. Destroy…and cast their entire kingdom into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.”

And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.


Yet warfare intensified insomuch that we sought the Lord for answers, and thus Spirit revelation came through.

I was on my way ascending the stairs to my classroom, and on taking my seat, I noticed that it was mostly adults. From amongst the group of students, a man approached me and sitting next to me, he placed a sling bag beside him on the floor.

My Spirit knew instantly there were all types of the most deadly evil which filled the bag. The spirit realm and atmosphere were contaminated and polluted with dark forces as if many demonic high ranking entities were hiding in his sling bag.

He told me, “I knew you since you were in pre-school.” Puzzled and bewildered I was beyond shocked. I noticed that this man was a foreigner; how is it possible that he knows me?


Furthermore he stated that he came from one of the remote islands. Instantly, my Spirit understood that it was one of the Pacific Islands.

He also remarked that he was on a special mission; immediately I knew and understood what it all meant!

That night warfare intensified into the wee hours of the morning, and when mom beheld it was past five am. Over-wearied, she dozed off for two hours, but was soon awakened as evil choked the atmosphere causing loud noises.

Mom prostrated herself before the Lord, and soon the atmosphere took on a difference. Meanwhile, I was taken into Spirit revelation and saw that mom and I came face to face with this Sharman.


His physical body rigid with eyes just staring at us. My Spirit knew that he had astral projected using all, all the might and cycles of the most terrible sharman, witchcraft and magic powers.

On the other hand, my Spirit eyes opened to see that there was an invisible barrier around and over mom and myself. None of hell’s most diabolical forces coming through him could penetrate the Divine Protection. We were unaffected and not afraid of what loomed before us.  The Divine intervention had given us time to study this type of evil and so it was.

On opening my eyes, I rushed to mom, but just as I was about to tell her, every bit of revelation was stolen from my mind. So she prayed, “True and Blessed Holy Spirit of Almighty Father bring to memory this important message given to Yolin. You have in the past answered Daniel when he prayed asking for revelation of a dream given to Nebuchadnezzar whose dream was also lost from his memory. You are the same God yesterday, today, and forevermore. Amen”

So during that day when the True Holy Spirit brought it back into my Spirit guess who manifested fierce and angry?

So when we rebuked according to Divine Revelation, it fled and never returned that night. The following morning when mom opened her eyes the unwelcomed awaited her. The type of manifestation used EMF to a point of great torment so she rebuked, “Oh man of all subtlety and evil, the ecclesia of the Most High God, even Christ Jesus, bind your kingdom of shamanism, bind your kingdom of witchcraft, bind your kingdom of all types of magic powers and cast every one of your strongholds and strongmen into the bottomless pit.

Be it known unto you that the Most High God whom you tempt will not be mocked. For it is written ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’ I command Michael the Archangel to come forth according to the written Word of Almighty God and to bring it about, in Jesus’ Name.”

Reader, there was an immediate response, in Jesus’ Name.

Yet the sharman kept coming back twenty four hours daily, seven days a week, so mom rebuked, “I bind up all your empires, all your kingdoms, all your domains, all your thrones. I bind up all your strongholds of shamanism, witchcraft, voodoo, magic powers and cremate and grind into powder and cast all of you into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.”

Instantly, I was taken into an open Spirit vision, and as mom lifted her hands and brought them down, fire fell. I saw the terrified intruder trying to seek shelter behind his arms.

Yet this type of evil persisted and returned the following day, so mom rebuked, “Poisonous thorns of the Holy Spirit bind you up…poisonous thorns of the Holy Spirit bind you up…” As she repeated it there was a sure response, in Jesus’ Name.

During the wee hours of the morning it persisted in returning, so she rebuked, “Sharman, I bind you with Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit covered with Blazing Holy Fire a trillion percent full blast… Sharman, Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit covered in Blazing Holy Fire bind you…bind you… I bind it to you forever and immediately…immediately, in Jesus’ Name. I forbid you to never return.”

So sharman never returned that night! Well, the next day, Sharman’s manifestation was very weak. Mom rebuked, “Sharman be bound with Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit covered with Blazing Holy Fire.”

The next night was too terrible for words, so when she arose the morning, she rebuked, “I have the Authority to bind you up with devouring fire mixed with acid… I release devouring fire mixed with acid to cling to you.. I bind all of you with devouring fire mixed with acid… in Jesus’ Name.”

Well there were instant results, in Jesus’ Name.

Yet that night, it returned so in this manner she rebuked, “I bind you up with acid and set you alight with devouring fire… I bind you up with acid… I bind you up with acid and set you alight with devouring fire… die by acid… I cast you into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name.”

What amazing results, praise the Lord!

Not long thereafter the unwelcomed returned, so she rebuked, “I release a thunderbolt of Holy Electricity a trillion percent full blast… I cremate you with Holy Electricity… I bind you up with Holy Electricity… be cremated… cremated…cremated… in Jesus’ Name.”

Wow! Thank you Holy Spirit for Spirit revelation, in Jesus’ Name.


Words fail to actually describe the demonic attacks which were like an angry sea tossing to and fro. We had sought the Lord desperately for answers, and one night as I was resting upon my bed, I was taken into an open Spirit vision. Looming before me was this canvas painting mom inherited from her parents.

Unexpectedly, it was no longer a canvas painting before me, but many, many marine spirits. Their movements formed the waves of the sea. Shocked, I approached mom who photographed the painting onto her laptop.

“Yolin, I want you to look at this image and tell me what you see then she walked away. I almost suffered lock-jaw when in an instant my Spirit eyes opened.

Seated on the rock at the right hand side of the painting, I was looking at a mermaid, and in front of her was a monkey’s skull. Below was a man standing half way out of the water facing the rock. To the left of the painting I saw a black cat, and amidst, mom and I saw so many frightful images which appeared to be in the form of the waves of the sea.

And surely it manifested in such terrible ways that mom and I prayed, closing all open doors that linked the property with the marine kingdom. So what has the sharman of the remote Pacific Islands to do with the little man in the painting? Or what has the black cat in the painting to do with the black cat that appeared and disappeared in the house?

Is this why he stated that he knew me since I attended pre-school for I was on many, many occasions at my grandparents’ house? Is this why the marine kingdom came through with vicious cycles of attacks? Oh, light was shed on so many unanswered questions.

Fierce demonic attacks came in continuous waves, one upon the other, twenty-four hours a day, for weeks on end until the Holy Spirit dropped into her Spirit, “I bind you and the entire empire of your pandemonium world, in the Name of Jesus.”

As she kept repeating it, there was an instant result, and peace flooded through.

But the situation grew into a nightmare until one morning, she awoke beaten up and bruised, and so I interceded in prayer that morning for us.  She stated that a sister who had gone home to be with the Lord came to her in a dream. This Believer scintillated with brightness arrayed in a white gown.

She had brought a message from Heaven, but before it was given, mom opened her eyes in this terribly state. So while we were praying, this sister Connie stood before me wearing a pure white scarf; she shone like the sun.

Yet the situation especially during the night, grew so ugly that I was taken into an open Spirit vision and saw once again saw the aforementioned illustration.

The waters churned and boiled into thousands of angry marine spirits and fierce, murderous sea entities.

The battle became overwhelmingly harder and harder as the minutes turned into hours. The hours turned into days and nights, until mom was totally exhausted. That morning after dozing off for an hour she opened her eyes under a total blackout.

In that terrible state, she requested that the chariots of Fire which Elijah saw, be sent into the eye of the battle. For You are the same God yesterday, today and forever more. Elijah said that the God Who answers by Fire let Him be GOD, and so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.

But the situation turned even uglier until mom rebuked, “I take all Authority OVER you…I take Authority OVER you…I take Authority OVER you… in the Name of Jesus…”

Amazingly it weakened instantly, and then she bound it and cast it out into the abyss, never to return, in Jesus’ Name.

Yet it returned over and over and over, so she rebuked, “I have the Authority…I have the Authority…I have the Authority… to bind you with devouring fire… “

This is how she rebuked, “I have Authority over you…I have Authority over you…”

Evil weakened instantly and so it was.


Yet it persisted night and day until one night as I dozed off, an evil gripped me insomuch that I could not wake up. I called out to mom with all my might, but it was in vain, on the other hand, she had also dozed off but heard me calling out.

As I turned to look, I saw that a relative had astral-projected into the house and was sitting at my desk. Meanwhile, the manifestation of evil smothered the atmosphere. So a very heavy battle broke out all night and day.

Reader, in all these demonic and satanic attacks, the EMF became beyond what you could ever imagine. Electromagnetic frequencies mixed with heavy mind-boggling dark forces swept through night and day.

A conviction filled our Spirit that a certain relative had shaped-shifted into the form of this younger relative whom we knew well.

On binding up the spirit guide and power of this certain relative, she fled, yet the attacks continued non-stop until we were rebuking in circles. The following days ahead she was rebuking throughout the entire day, but to no avail. What now?

The atmosphere a frustrating chaos until Spirit revelation was dropped into her spirit, then she prayed, “I cast you out by the Authority of the Blood of Jesus…The Authority of the Blood…bind you up…The Authority of the Blood cast you out…”

Well we thought that there was instant peace until once again it started up all over again. So she rebuked, “The Power of the Blood of Jesus take full Authority over you…His Blood has complete Authority over every bit of you…The Authority of His Blood destroy all of you…Jesus’ Blood destroy you…Jesus’ Blood clean the records…Jesus’ Blood destroy your powers…Jesus’ Blood cast you out into the bottomless pit for all eternity…”

And so it was that it returned much later when I laid my hands on the fridge and prayed, “I forbid you to use our electricity, I forbid you to feed off our electricity, in Jesus’ Name.”

Well there was instant results, and the fridge stopped humming, but the electromagnetic frequencies hung like live wires, deafening, thicker and thicker.

Words fail to describe what happened that night, but mom sought the Lord in tears the following day all the while evil manifested. During the day when she rebuked, “The Power of the Blood holds all Authority over you…The Power of the Blood has full Authority to bind you…every bit of your power…every bit of you and cast you into the bottomless pit for all eternity.. in Jesus’ Name.”

As she kept rebuking amazing results were instant.

Yet spiritual warfare spiralled out of control and thus we sought the Lord earnestly for many, many days. I was taken into revelation in which I was among a crew passing through a wilderness.

“This means that we are facing wilderness spirits,” sighed mom. “But which ones?” we thought. Yet it turned even more deadly day and night until we cried out to the Lord for Spirit revelation.

One night, I heard her rebuke, but wondered whether I should give her the revelation I received when I opened my eyes. I had been with a crew passing through a wilderness when we came across a tiny village. Amidst it, we spotted a house in which appeared a dark grey alien who began communicating telepathically to those few residents it controlled.

I understood that it was that evil wilderness spirit that had attacked her when I had heard her rebuking and calling out to Jesus. This is what she related to me when she had fought the unknown into the wee hours of the morning – “The Authority of Jesus’ Name bind you up…The Authority of Jesus’ Name cast you into the bottomless pit…”

This rebuke had caused the atmosphere to return to its original peace and so she fell asleep, but round about five am in the morning she opened her eyes under a total black out. As she stumbled into the living room she was in a terrible state – bruised and battered to bits.

For almost two hours she sat anointing herself with olive oil and the Blood of Jesus all the while the unknown violent forces built up into an enormous superpower to finish her off. Just before it could accomplish the most horrific attack she regained just enough strength to stand up. Face to face she raised her hands repeatedly and brought it down full blast releasing, “the Authority of Jesus’ Name bind you up…The Authority of Jesus’ Name cast you into the bottomless pit…”

And so it was; so she closed her eyes and dozed off only to awake lying in liquid radiation which covered not only her physical body but her bed also. The EMF running rampant like violent currents and waves over her head piercing deep into her ear drums. She later told me that the amount of radiation these dark grey aliens emit is beyond potent and that the Blood of Jesus is the only cure.

So days and nights turned into weeks of the most horrid attacks until one night it so overwhelmed us that mom sat in the living room to sleep. She had made a foil hat which she wears every night, but this night the EMF hung so thick that it seemed as though my flesh was jumping off my bones.

She stated that each night a new foil hat was made because each previous foil hat was covered with a burning liquid causing torrents of torments upon her head and ear drums. But nevertheless she told me to pray because her strength seemed to disappear.

I sat with her in the living room and said that I would close my eyes, and it might be that the Lord would give us Spirit revelation into what is really happening in the spirit realm.

No sooner had I done this when I told her that I was seeing a full moon; she thought about this and after a while said, “Yolin, seal up the moon with the Power and Authority of the Blood of Jesus.” So I began, and after some time the atmosphere became lighter and lighter. “Keep on praying,” she said.

Mom rushed to the window and to her utter shock there it was for the first time – a full moon just above our house. I also rushed to her aid and then she said, “Yolin, is this what you saw in Spirit revelation while your eyes were closed?”

I stood speechless just looking at what was unfolded before my eyes. “There is a skull with eyes looking at us,” I said. So she rebuked, “Spiritual wickedness and powers of the air be bound up and cast into the bottomless pit, in the Name of Jesus.”

Instantly, it disappeared and broke into a fast drifting cloud into the dark of the night.

Reader, the atmosphere returned to normal, so mom and I drifted off into a deep sleep being overly and utterly exhausted and sick.

But what has all this to do with EMF?

During the time that I heard her in the living room rebuking, she mentioned that while closing her eyes something strange had occurred. A movement inexplicable and so terrible crept into her bed insomuch that it turned ugly. “Yolin, will you sleep in my bed for just five minutes and tell me the rest.”

So off I went but I soon fled back telling her what had just unfolded before my eyes!

Does an illustration of this thing’s head really exist? Can it ever really be described?

So terrible and frightfully horrible was the unfolding of this monster before my eyes, not to mention the EMF and EMR, that it blew us completely away! Could this be alien technology giving them absolute access? How we cried out, “Father, my soul is in torment! Father, my soul knows only torment!”

Reader, who would understand or believe that these things are happening in the other realms? Yet we remained sober-minded, in Jesus’ Name.

We fought impossible battles day and night using the “The Authority of Jesus’ Name” and The Power of Authority of God’s Word, Matthew 18: “Verily I say unto you, WHATSOEVER YE BIND ON EARTH shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say unto you that IF TWO OF YOU SHALL AGREE ON EARTH CONCERNING ANYTHING, THAT THEY SHALL ASK IT SHALL BE DONE FOR THEM OF MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN. FOR WHERE THERE BE TWO OR THREE GATHERED TOGETHER IN MY NAME, THERE AM I IN THE MIDST OF THEM.”

This had reached moments of desperation especially during the most vulnerable wee hours of the morning. We cried out to the Father to come through for us. During that week our souls were in torment as the constant and continuous EMF and EMR attacks were beyond what anyone could bear.

I was given revelation in which mom and I were with a group fleeing for our lives. Hot after us were demon gangs equipped with the most terrifying weapons that caused our eyes to peel out of their sockets.

Who is able to stand before such monsters, and we are without weapons? Each showed a clean pair of heels as we fled away from what seemed inhuman.

That evening a suddenness of a short rainbow appeared above our front door, at which I remarked to mom that there were two horns standing where it rudely chopped off the rainbow. As soon as she rebuked, the rainbow disappeared within a very short time. Oh Reader, what does that tell you?

“What next?” we sighed. Yet the battle raged to such a point that it was impossible to tell what was really attacking us.

During our most vulnerable moments, the demonic attacks appeared as though an energy drain were present. In this mom opened her eyes most mornings under total black out and barely had strength to call on the Name of Jesus. Meanwhile, growling and loud demonic noises intensified to finish off the assignment, but it was as though an invisible shield kept them away.

One night utterly exhausted she dozed off only to experience what seemed beyond frightful. The suddenness of jagged razor teeth tore at her arms as she slept with her hands under her head.

On opening her eyes, she turned to look into the fierce, vicious, red eyes of a werewolf. This beast vehemently began ripping at her in less than a blink of an eye giving her not a moment to defend herself.

In pain and tremendous anguish she opened her eyes screaming, “Jesus…Jesus…Jesus…”

It happened at the speed of lightning streaks, leaving her in a very bad state.

Most days she was sick, and yet the attacks increased as though superior to what she should have been operating in. It was not until through many prayers and tears that revelation flooded through.

One day we gathered in prayer,

“Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, release angelic protection for this house that we are living in and seal it off from all the attacks of the enemy. In the Name of Jesus cremate and crush all energy drains, all remote viewing, all energy supply, all remote influence, command and control and surveillance that the enemy put through this shield.

Father, in Jesus’ Name, make this shield impenetrable to all frequency domain attacks, all shaman attacks, all magical attacks, all werewolf attacks, all ELF attacks, all RF attacks, all microwave attacks, all magnetic attacks, all acoustic attacks, all infra-red attacks, all psychic attacks, all sorcery attacks, all telepathic attacks, all mind-control attacks, all remote reviewing attacks, all psychotronic attacks, all psionic attacks, all scalar wave attacks, all tesla wave attacks, all laser wave attacks, and every kind of attack that we don’t know about.

Crush, cremate and dissolve the enemy’s technologies, the GWEN tower technologies, the EMF and EMR technologies, the laser beaming technologies, the sleep-ray technologies, the magical technologies, the quantum matrix technologies, the implant technologies (micro nano technologies), all the witchcraft and occult technologies, the psychotronic technologies, the radionic technologies, the psionic technologies, the remote viewing capability technologies, the disease and death technologies, the energy drain technologies and all other technologies we know not of.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we bind up and eliminate and destroy all attackers and their authorities, and the basis for these attacks.  Also every person, place or thing, every UFO group and also what we don’t know of.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we annihilate and obliterate all their sources and send Heaven’s most deadly weapons to bind up the strongman over Satan’s plans for our lives, and dethrone him.

We bind up all demons subordinate to the strongman over Satan’s plans for our lives. In the Name of Jesus, we cut ourselves loose from all their assignments and close every open door that was opened to you. We cancel every legal foothold and every legal ground that you have over us, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, in Jesus’ Name, remove all interferences and hindrances that would prevent or stagnate our prayers, that we are able to fulfil Your Will in our lives.”

Reader, there was immediate result and Light emanated into a soft atmosphere, in Jesus’ Name.


Yet in another dream, we were fleeing for our lives when I was caught and thoroughly searched, but to my amazement I was released. Not guilty! Innocent, came the verdict!