Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 20 : High Levels of Warfare

High Levels of Warfare

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And so it was. Well, that is what we thought when she awoke under total spiritual abuse and torture. That night, they were back, so once again mom wrestled for an hour when Spirit revelation rebuked, “The Blood… of the Lamb…the Blood…of the Lamb…”

On repeating “The Blood of the Lamb”, it weakened. “Be cast into the bottomless pit and never return. The Blood of the Lamb seal every open door, in Jesus’ Name.” Well, the battle scars left both her hands red, swollen, burning and very painful. It appeared like electricity running over her entire physical body, but it was not Holy Electricity.

She said that this hybrid tried to suck all her virtue using exceedingly heavy mind-binding powers. She said that occult or witchcraft or marine darkness could not be compared to these types of forces.

The following evening another returned, so she rebuked, “The Anointing of Jesus… break the yoke… The Anointing of Jesus… break the yoke…”

As she repeated over and over, “Jesus’ Anointing break the yoke” weakened the enemy so it was cast into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name. Once again the battle scars left both her hands red, swollen, burning and very painful. Again it covered her entire physical body; then she thought that when she came within less than a metre that not only was her mind swinging, but that her entire body was covered with radiation.

That night she dozed off and during the early hours of the morning not only feeling more than rotten, her entire physical body collapsing from overwhelming burnings and exceedingly painful.

While seeking the face of Jesus earnestly, the unknown manifested, so with tears streaming down her face, she began wrestling with you know what! After an hour, and overly exhausted, she said that this thing was sucking up all her strength and causing her to stagger under heavy mind-binding powers once again.

She said that in the process as her mind was swinging heavily and swaying, that she felt that even her words were stolen. She felt like an ant against a paranormal goliath who was using a type of invisible acid to eat into her hands and over her entire physical body.

I on the other hand had not closed my eyes, and was very tired for the battle that entire day and night was without rest. It was about afternoon when she wrestled once more with what seemed hopeless.

We sat contemplating as to why the Lord had not come through with Spirit revelation. So once again she said, “Yolin, lay your hands on the deep freezer and close your eyes, maybe Spirit revelation will come through.”

While wrestling, she told me to rebuke the demon of radiation; instantly it weakened and was cast into the bottomless pit.

“So the burning painful substance is actually from the demon of radiation!” we sighed.

Well, the Sunday morning she awoke to the awful terrible grunting, but was too beaten up during her sleep to fight. After soaking herself in a bath of Epson salts mixed with bicarbonate of soda her physical body eased.

Thereafter, she entered into earnest prayer, and once again with tears rolling down her cheeks began to fight the enormity. It was past three in the afternoon when the thing fled beaten up and cast into the bottomless pit.

Mom was down in the dumps, discouraged and frustrated she said, “Lord, for five hours I called on Your Mighty Name and with all my might I used Your Blood, Holy Fire, Holy Electricity and Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. I had commanded that Heaven’s deadliest weapons be despatched to shred and wipe out the demons of radiation. For it is written in Your Word that ‘He will give His angels charge concerning you to protect you.’”

“It is also written, ‘Whosoever calls on My Name I will answer him’, but Lord I don’t understand! Why Lord? Why?”

The following morning, she sought the face of the Lord in full repentance and confessed, “Lord Jesus, I can do nothing without You, please have mercy on me.” She spent the morning on her knees, thereafter she returned to the deep freezer and said, “I release the Anointing into the motor and power plug so that when radiation manifests its ugly head, it would burn up.”

Well, it was not the way she intended, so radiation manifested in such a way that when she left it would manifest and when she returned it vanished. And so it was a cat and mouse battle.

Reader, instantly Spirit revelation flooded her, so she stood with one hand on the fridge and the other on the deep freezer and prayed, “Father, in the Name of Jesus, I am not able to perform Your Word. I am Your instrument through which You are able to perform Your written Word.

I release Your Word to deal with radiation and thank You that You watch Your Word to perform it, in Jesus’ Name.”

Then she turned and walked away, realizing deep in her Spirit, “Now Father, Your Will be done. Your Word will never fall to the ground without accomplishing what You sent it for.”

And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.

For a day or two we had rested to recover our sore, beaten bodies only to face something we had no revelation of as yet. So the rebuke went out one morning, “As an anointed ecclesia of the Jesus Who is the Head of His Governing Body on earth, I take my rightful place over this neighbourhood and property.

Demon you have trespassed, therefore I who bear not the Sword of the Lord in vain, unsheathe it to execute you. Be bound up and cast into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.”

And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.

The following morning mom awoke once again under heavy beating only to hear evil manifesting from its source. After earnest prayer, she rebuked, “As the ecclesia of the Lord Jesus, I use the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven given to me. I unlock the bottomless pit, in the Name of Jesus. I command that the evil present be bound and cast into the pit. Now with the same Keys, I lock the pit, in Jesus’ Name.”

And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Remember Reader, while the spiritual battles raged, at the same time the electromagnetic frequencies were out of control, and so was the radiation. As soon as the battle was won peace swept through; is this not amazing to the glory of the Father?

The following night, evil manifested once more, so mom told me to lay hands on the deep freezer rebuking as we went along. Instant Spirit revelation came through, rebuke principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. Thereafter we pleaded the Blood of Jesus to break all legal rights, when immediately it was cast into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name.

We had dethroned each one, taking our legal governmental seat over regions and territories within our jurisdictional authority. And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name.

The following night whatever manifested was cast out, “I use my Authority… and bind you up with the Word of God… in Jesus’ Name…” Repeating this over and over weakened the enemy, and so they were cast into the bottomless pit, DONE in Jesus’ Name.

What! An hour later evil returned, so mom rebuked, “I activate the Word of God and I bind you up, in Jesus’ Name…” As she repeated this it weakened and was cast into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.

So day after day, we fought this type of warfare until our physical bodies became worn out. There was a response from the Lord, “After you rebuked the evil, declare My Word ‘…For I Am God ready to perform My Word.’ ‘God watches His Word to perform it.’ Then thank Me for performing My Word.”

This we did and praise the Lord that He watched His Word, and so His Word was performed.

I was once again taken into Spirit revelation in which the students were parting with farewell as we left the school grounds. I also knew that we had completed the year’s tasks and studies and with surety waited for our reports.


Yet warfare intensified until we ran out of answers; at one time, I was given two separate dreams that a handful of us were going once more through the wilderness.

Therefore I rebuked the wilderness spirits and to our surprise there was an immediate response.

Yet warfare continued unabated, and once again we did not know what we were facing, so with each intense attack, we relied upon the Lord for answers. The presence of the unknown evil alone caused mom’s head to roll off her shoulders, swinging and swaying insomuch that it became unbearable.

I began rebuking and thereafter said, “Jeremiah 1: 12 …for I am God ready to perform My Word.” And again “God watches His Word to perform it.”

At different times, I would rebuke and then repeat the words of Jeremiah until it weakened and so was cast out.

In the unbearable situation we faced day after day, mom turned to the unknown pointed her finger and rebuked, “The Authority given to me as an ordained ecclesia bind you up… The Authority bind you up…”

These words were repeated over and over like a sledgehammer that pounded and crushed,  pounded and crushed, pounded and crushed…with an unstoppable fire pouring forth shredding and shredding. So it was bound up and cast into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name.”