Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 20 : School In Heaven

School In Heaven

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I told her that during one night, I was to participate in yet another Spirit revelation. How it came about I do not know, but I was transported into a Resplendent Divine Realm.

Before me appeared the most Majestic and superb School not known on earth. I noticed that there were two gates made of pure silver. Alongside the big gate was a smaller gate through which I entered.

The place had no sun, but Divine Light emanated from everything, and Light shone in all Brilliance, pure and Holy. I stood amazed at the depth and enormity of it all. Luscious green grass covered the School grounds as far as my eyes could see. In the centre stood the Majestic School which appeared to be built of precious stones of pearls.

Oh, how do I begin to describe this breath-taking reality? So real, more real than this physical earth. Oh, for the Majesty of it all, my words fail me yet again. I tried to take in the minutest detail into my spirit. How long I had been there I do not know. When I opened my eyes, I felt good, but also realized that it was way into the morning of the following day.