Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 20 : Tall Black Hybrids

Tall Black Hybrids

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Previously, it was shown to me that we were walking through a wilderness of violence; chaos reigned everywhere.

Yet spiritual violence abused us day and night insomuch that mom had been engaging in warfare against the unknown. At different times, for more than two solid hours, she laid hands against evil until they were red and swollen. This thing seemed to feed on the strength of our rebuke. “What now?” we uttered in unison?

“Yolin, close your eyes and lay your hands on the deep freezer, and it will be shown to you what the unknown may be.“

I was looking at what was mind-boggling…

Not to mention, this also is what I saw…

A silver flying saucer accompanied this frightful image.


Our rebuking for two hours seemed fruitless, and being over exhausted, we tried to fall asleep only to be tormented that night. Covered in a layer of burning pains, she prayed “Lord, this black alien appears to have a wall of impenetrable protection. I ask that what you showed David – the one area Goliath was unprotected, Lord reveal unto me even this unprotected area of this black alien.”

She did some research and was shocked at what she found – guess what manifested. This is an extract of an article from “Tall Black Alien Beings” by Hybrids Rising.

[Hybrids Rising http://www.hybridsrising.com

Who are The Tall Blacks?

The Tall Blacks have physical characteristics which are not unlike Hybrid Greys, but their coloration is like that of the black Mantis-Insectoid beings.

The HR Team believes it is plausible the Tall Blacks are a Hybrid version of the Black Mantises who we have placed at the top of the overall Hierarchy.

We also suspect both types of beings contain or are aided by Human DNA.

Beings with black skin of various heights and characteristics do show up on or around Earth from time to time, and their activity appears to be increasing, which would be logical if they are indeed Hybrids created from the Black Mantises.

It is the HR Team’s strong supposition that if the Tall Blacks are not a separate species, they are in fact a Hybrid species created from the Black Mantises with probable Human DNA added in. Human DNA is something they obviously need and we know this through the Abductee-Experiencer who was told to calm the little boy whilst telling him why he was there. It was a most unmistakable message:

You will give them life…a little at a time… Each time you are brought here, you will give them life.”

When comparing the Black Mantises and the Reptilian-Dracos line, the HR Team would have to admit they are both the most alien appearing Extra-terrestrials the HR Team has come across to date. This is one of the reasons we placed the Mantis-Insectoids at the “top” and the Reptilian-Dracos at the “bottom.”


“Thank you Lord Jesus. Now Lord, equip us to the fullest. Take the STONE which will become our weapon. Cause us to triumph as we bring glory and honour to Your Holy Name. Sink the STONE deep into the unprotected area, in Jesus’ Name.”

That day EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) intensified insomuch that she became so dizzy and bilious; all my nerves were touching each other like live wires.

Another extracted portion:- [“Nearly all reports we have received and reviewed demonstrate it is the female of this species which is dominant. These particular ones are very strong. They use negativity like an apparatus of control even torture in order to force the Abductee-Experiencer to comply with their wishes; one of which was to monitor or stand guard over the other Humans who had been abducted at the same time.”]

That night, mom laid hands in rebuke, “Tall Blacks your identity is uncovered. You who are aided by human DNA. You who are Black Humanoids.”

“The Virtue… of Jesus… destroy… you… the Virtue… of Jesus… destroy… you.”

As she repeated this Tall Black faded and vanished. “Go to the bottomless pit and never return, in Jesus’ Holy Name.”