Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – City Emerges From Under the Ocean


City Emerges From Under the Ocean

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Yet I was taken into another Spirit revelation I refer to Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 9 page 26 I refer to this certain portion:

“The following Spirit vision said it all; my spirit hovered in mid-air above sea and land when I began to see an unusual rise of the sea waters. In this instance, I saw the abnormal. I was back in my physical body. The entire place, Cape Town, shook and rent as multitudes turned hysterical. Mom and I ran out only to meet a huge tsunami. I knew that the occurrence of the tsunami was to cause a great earthquake.

The tsunami covered the whole of Cape Town; miles and miles into the inland, broke off completely and sank into the ocean. The entire Cape Town shifted, joined as one with the ‘City under the Sea’. I knew that everyone was not dead, but alive, and were now citizens of the City under the Sea and no longer citizens of Cape Town.

Reader, I suggest you please read the following book (‘The Witchdoctor and The Man, City under the Sea’). I quote a passage from it – “I know that many will not believe my testimony concerning the ’City under the Sea’. I have spent twelve years in the City under the Sea and know that the place is real. The City does exist spiritually.”

The month of May 27, 2018 I was shown a huge ship which had appeared in Cape Town docks. This was not just an ordinary earthly ship. As I stood in the suburb of Parow, Cape Town I beheld merging out of the ocean an enormous castle. This was a castle like city which reached into the sky built on a ship. My spirit understood that this city came up from the city under the ocean. The attraction of this drew the attention of all who looked upon it.

Yet in another revelation, I was shown that the sky had opened over the entire Cape Town and an unusual flood of rain fell within seconds. In Spirit I knew and understood that it was actually geo-engineered. Shocked at the condition of the sky, I called out to mom to make preparations. It appeared that the entire sky was about to collapse.