Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – The Claim of the Beast


The Claim of the Beast

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In another revelation given that I was to participate in and experience, occurred at a special event hosted by dignitaries and royals. Amidst these supposed to be VIP’s my attention was drawn to a certain queen or princess or dignitary.

Instantly, the unexpected made the most shocking sudden appearance. The foundation of this event shook my eye balls causing them to peel and goggle out of their sockets. Yes it was its time to host the event that nobody knew was the claim of the beast.

Words cannot begin to describe the violent beast that takes by force.

Is it possible to imagine multiplying this image 1000 times

Yes, he had come for her, she had served him well and it was she that he had come for. This beast had come to claim what rightfully belonged to him.

Beyond shocked, her composure splintered into untold millions of shuddering, echoing screams and howls. It was overwhelmingly nerve racking that the wickedness of the atmosphere became solid substance. No place to hide, no hope just no way out!

The intensity of her hysteria that she did not want to die echoed as she fled. She had worked in every possible way to please him but unexpectedly her master had decided upon her life span. Now it was his claim.