Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – Continuation of Multiple Warfare


Continuation of Multiple Warfare

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Yet warfare continued the more, not to mention that the EMF / EMR was as such that our physical bodies cringed into just a ball of flesh; this only lead us into warfare. Every night it felt as though the small of our backs, our spines and our hips were clawed into painful shreds.

“What type of battle is this?” we cried unto the Lord, but to no avail. Our heads felt as though they had been ripped and shredded; even our beds and bedding were set ablaze with wicked fires of hell itself. Oh how we suffered insomuch that mom prayed through the nights until sleep overcame her through total exhaustion, only to open our eyes to find ourselves in shreds.

One morning she laid prostrate before the Altar of Mercy upon which the Blood of Yeshua was sprinkled and rent open her Spirit heart in earnest prayer. That night while she was in intense battle, I was taken into an open Spirit vision in which I beheld four wicked spirits sent to our abode. They were enormous and towered over the house, more wicked than the others we had ever faced. These had enormous powers in their thick huge claws.

I looked to mom and told her to continue the more earnest in battle. She had asked that the war rooms of Heaven respond… respond… in Jesus’ Name…. They were about to enter through the roof when an impenetrable, impregnable shield became visible. Yes, we had not only placed a shield over, under and around the house but reinforced it, in Jesus’ Name. As these wicked spirits grew more frustrated, ripping with might to tear through the shield, they became even more determined, flying into vicious rages.

Mom requested billions and billions of legions of the fiercest warring angels to respond in the Name of Jesus. As the battle grew intense in the spirit realm, we were playing a recording of angels singing of “Jesus and His children coming through…Hallelujah…Hallelujah…Hallelujah…”

As time passed the atmosphere grew lighter and lighter; that is how the battle was fought. Psalm 24: 8 The Lord Strong and Mighty, the Lord Mighty in battle.

Once again you have to multiply these images a thousand times uglier and more powerful