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Generational Curses – Black Goo

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Yet spiritual warfare increased all the more to such abnormal proportions that we were fighting a losing battle. Mom stayed in earnest prayer day and night searching for answers, when the most treacherous and wordless evil began manifesting. The EMF/EMR appeared like tremors not only as airwaves and current, but it could be felt throughout the contents of our abode. What now? So many, many pieces of the puzzle were missing!

Our only flight and source was to seek the face of Abba Father, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. Then one day the Holy Spirit led her to listen to a video by Pat Holliday called, “Subconscious Technical Black Goo Control”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBawQb3QNdg

While listening and absorbing its contents guess who or what manifested? Oh, how do I begin to describe the impossible. I pray for wisdom, in Jesus’ Name. This is a quoted part of what Pat Holliday mentioned:

“You can see the effects of the black goo whenever you look at the big stone called the Kaaba – black stone or a holy stone. Every muslim is supposed to make a tour over to that stone. I don’t know how often but they do. Once in a life time to guarantee their position in paradise. They have to walk around that big stone so many times. They go and touch this black stone.

The black meteorite is the stone we are talking about – the stone actually is part of the earth’s crust and in certain places it’s more prevalent. They say it’s very, very prevalent than the Antarctica where a lot of occultic activities are going on right now. People who don’t know about the black goo they attribute a lot of things like the black meteorite to something from out of space but actually it is the black goo. They actually had put two pieces of black goo under a microscope and they seemed to be able to communicate together under the microscope.

So they have the ability to communicate and they have the ability to have some sort of black magic power over the minds of a person. They are drawn to that black mineral stone it has a massive communitive ability over the minds of all those people.

It works with black magic and it works with black rituals. It more than likely work with entities that are connected to the black stone in the black oil. It has the ability to control massively the minds of the people…”

Immediately, the reality of it all manifested causing mom to begin to rebuke, but to no avail. I joined in to help her and told her that maybe it was black goo manifesting. While she began rebuking Spirit revelation came through that black goo had found its way into our bloodline.

I refer to and quote the portion of Spiritual Warfare & the Purple Robe Book 10 page 26…

“During the wee hours of the 17th January, mom awoke under a heavy demonic attack which took her into Spirit prayer. The awesomeness of the Almighty responded as she drifted off to sleep requesting, “Lord, I shall close my eyes now; thank you that You will appear to me now.”

Immediately I, Yolin, was taken into a Spirit vision and saw the Holy Lord Jesus Christ coming to me. It appeared that thousands of brilliant Lights were twinkling from Jesus’ Garment. Then He said, “I am going to reveal to you the curses that come down your generational ancestral line. The three brothers who emigrated from the UK, one had turned Moslem.”

I responded, “Yes, I know my mother told me a bit of the generational ancestral line.”

Then Jesus responded, “When he turned Moslem, he opened a doorway. He did not win her over to Christianity, but she won him over to become Moslem. Immediately, a doorway opened which automatically affected the other two brothers also. The other two brothers have also the same blood type that is why it automatically affected them. It had come down the generational ancestral line to your generation. Whoever is in this present generation will be affected from those three brothers.”

Then the Lord told me, “Go to your mother and reveal everything I am showing you so that she should close the doorway. Whoever turned Moslem would realize and turn back to Christianity. It would not be too hard to minister to them. Whoever will marry a Moslem in this present generation, if your mother does this prayer, it would be much easier to minister to them. It would be much easier to break through to them.”

So she began repenting for the ancestral and generational sins connecting the lineage of the House of her family name to black goo entities. Then she sent an earthquake, an air quake to the Kaaba. She began breaking black goo curses, hexes, vexes, evil mantles etc. etc. over the muslims…

All the while evil manifested huffing and puffing viciously into the air not to mention the EMF/EMR. Who is able to bear this type of torment? The stifling atmosphere was infested with black goo entities. Then we knew that the type of demonic attack all began when the muslims started their fast. These entities began attacking our hip bones, our back bones with excruciating pain that was not possible to bear. Not to mention that wherever we laid hands to anoint ourselves that mom’s hands were red and swollen. Such were the burning like substance that covered us and everything we touched.

While she grew more and more earnest in many prayers requesting that Heaven’s Army respond… respond… respond… to the war cry of the Name of Yeshua, I was taken immediately into Spirit vision. I urged her to continue breaking the black magic powers; these black goo entities were holding millions and millions in captivity through the centuries. An open Spirit vision took my eyes, I was seeing that black clouds of darkness were lifting off multitudes. I knew they were muslims because of their custom of dressing in a burka.

Meanwhile mom earnestly kept requesting that the war rooms of Heaven respond to the sound of war trumpets… There was an immediate response and the entity or entities fled. Reader, what does that tell you? We had just turned our backs when it came back for vengeance. The following day mom did some more research and this is what she discovered:

Evil black goo used in Mecca and Vatican:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roBC3F_-dpQ




“Warning: This is NOT scifi and this substance is absolutely a demonic living organism. This substance absolutely is a weapon! Black Goo, the demonic substance that is used in some of the strangest places. Starting with Mecca and even with Vatican.

Black Goo is an abiotic mineral oil from the upper crust containing high amounts of m-state gold and iridium. Furthermore there exists a black oil schist containing this type of oil from earlier tectonic events. These events apparently broke up the crust of the earth.

Black Goo shows a hitherto unknown type of magnetism, much longer in range than ferromagnetism that seems to be interactive in a spontaneous way that very likely is based on bi-directional, annihilated photon exchange as known from m-state-matter in life-forms. Due to this magnetism Black Goo shows the ability to mechanically self-organize in many different ways and has been reported to carry highly intelligent consciousness.

Black Goo, the demonic substance that is used in some of the strangest places. Starting with Mecca and even with Vatican.

Disclaimer: This interview contains information which does not represent the beliefs or values of the ministry of Israeli News Live and is provided for deep investigation of the occult practices.

The BLACK GOO THEORY of EVERYTHING (mini-documentary): Bible Prophecy & the Black Goo Awakening. Our civilization has in many ways been forced to run off of Black Goo…oil. The largest Internet tech corporation is Google. Black Goo is practically everywhere in science fiction and horror films. Why?

Is it possible that demonic entities can attach themselves to a substance with near infinite capacities to change form? I think it is. And I think the advent of the black goo, or programmable matter, that will eventually lead to what will appear to be sentient intelligence, is part of the end times deception. In the same way corruption was done at a fundamental level of creation in the days of Noah, we have once again entered the age when the gateways between worlds are opened. Thanks to the virtual realities being constructed all around us, we now have a way to interact, communicate, and traverse through a non-physical medium. This vacuum and detachment from materialism will cause a flood of spiritual influence to enter the masses. Some will consume the light, as children of light, saved from sin by the Blood on the cross, and the Resurrection of our King. Others will consume the darkness, and abandon their humanity. The implications of the post human dream is very much supernatural with a profound Biblical answer.”

Articles & Interviews by Alfred Lambremont Webre

One powerful meme is that Islam is an emanation of the Kaaba in Mecca, a meteorite containing black goo as a medium for the plasma-based predatory off planet AI Artificial Intelligence that is now part of the AI terraforming of Earth. [This sets up a competition meme with other AI-entrained religions like Judaism (Saturn-Moon Matrix) and Vatican (Draco-Orion alliance) that together are part of the Galactic Rebellion against Universe Divine Society.

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That morning mom had gone before Heaven’s Altar of Repentance and like a Joshua who repented for the sins of the forefathers of the house of Israel so did she lay the lineage of the House of her family name on Heaven’s Altar of Repentance. Thus she did a bloodline cleansing of the forefathers who had brought this curse into the bloodline lineage. She placed herself upon Heaven’s Altar of Repentance and thus applied the Blood of Yeshua to the very core of the sin.

“Uproot the main black goo source that had given these entities legal hold and legal ground in the lineage of the House of my family name, in Jesus’ Name. Cleanse Heaven’s Record keeping Books of the lineage of the House of my family name and also the universal records where Satan had duplicate copies and backup data stored away…”

Because of the persistence of these black goo entities, mom did what the Lord Jesus bade her do. She commanded these entities to be bound and to return back through the door of black goo source. All curses and legal rights are cancelled and sent back through the generational ancestral bloodline black goo open door. Never return for all eternity, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Yes, this entity does not easily leave so she placed herself once again upon Heaven’s Altar where the Blood of Jesus was sprinkled. She asked that the true Bloodline Inherited through Yeshua completely replace the old black goo bloodline. For this reason the Son of God was manifested to undo the works of the devils…” And so it was DONE, in Jesus’ Name Amen.