Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – Generational Curses – Yin & Yang


Generational Curses – Yin & Yang

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While mom was compiling this portion of script guess who pitched up with ugly sulphuric acid smothering the air. Nonetheless let me continue…

“So this is for real,” we sighed, when immediately dark entities began to activate. At the shopping mall, I rushed to the ladies room, my tummy was going all out and I was bringing up. I was having a black out and felt rotten to the core.

Once we were home, we faced the terribleness of what followed insomuch that no amount of rebuking helped. “Who is able to expose this secret to the people?” we thought.

Well, this is just scraping the surface, but deep beneath are hidden agendas. I suggest that you are capable of doing deeper research, as these entities are of the most powerful.

Reader, have you ever experienced what it must feel like to have every nerve in your entire system unravelled?

Well, battles turned into a continuous nightmare, one after the other with more unanswered questions. Each time terrible, disgusting smells swept through, our nervous system became undone. It appeared as though every nerve in our heads dangled like live wires moving down the entire neck and causing us severe torment.

Not to mention the EMF sweeping through at high voltages pushing and pushing the undone nervous system to a point of collapse.

“Who is able to endure it, and not to mention that we don’t even know what is actually attacking us!” I cried out.

Poor mom no amount of rebuking made a difference; it had only caused the situation to worsen until desperation swept through. She uttered, “If no weapon is able to destroy you then I release the Covenant promised in Revelation 12 verse 11. I overcome you with the Blood of the Lamb. I activate the full power of this promise to work for me, in Jesus’ Name. The Blood of Jesus overcome you…”

To her surprise whatever it was fled.

I approached her and assured her that our cries were seen and heard, for a tall and very broad Man approached me and said, “Yes, you are in storms, but most of the storms had been blocked and redirected away. But only some had been allowed to filter through, which appear too much for you.”

Only then did my Spirit eyes open and I saw hosts of very tall bright Angelic Beings all dressed in white who were all around. It appeared that wherever I went these Angelic Hosts caused me to be in the centre of them.

When my Spirit realized the truth, I was beyond shocked; I began to see cycles of the most vicious fierce whirlwinds unknown to mankind. Deep inside me, I began to soak in every bit that unfolded before my eyes.

I watched how the Angelic Beings blocked most of the forces of darkness, but a very little filtered through of which I began to understand our situation.

Mom said that while she was about to doze off she saw the same Man who came and gave her a flat box. Taking the green box, she knew it was medicine to ease her sufferings.

She had a dream in which her mother had left behind a circle drawn on paper; in this she opened her eyes and persevered in prayer. The Lord began dealing with this issue in which the circle was an inherited generational passed down onto her through her mother. She saw the image in black and white; it was evidently clear that Satan could use it.

While she was relating this to me the Lord opened my Spirit eyes and immediately I was looking into this image.

The yin yang meaning and symbol date back to ancient China. The symbol represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.

Mom and I then understood the reason why the Lord came to me on 10th November 2006 and allowed me Spirit vision referred to in Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Bk 1 page 17:-

“Immediately an illustration of a huge circle emerged before me. The left half of the circle was black, having a white spot at the top left of it. The right half of the circle was white, having a black spot at the bottom right of it. To the far left of the complete circle an inscription which appeared in black letters CURSES

Furthermore, I also refer to Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 5 page 28 which reads:

“Three months later, the Holy Spirit brought this same matter to us. As my mother prayed for me, the Holy Spirit showed her the vision I once had. A dragon curled around my wrist into an endless bangle which was intertwined with a beast head.”

Well, the time had arrived to understand the mystery of the aforementioned. Yes it’s the taijitu (the yin yang) which her mother’s parents who had emigrated from China passed down onto their daughter. She knew very little about her own background as her mother passed away while she was very young.

The dream given to mom about the circle that was passed down to her and me was more than real.

That night, we did a complete ancestral and generational bloodline cleansing, and then asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, to send hundreds, hundreds, hundreds, and hundreds of billions of legions of angels to eliminate and destroy and sever every soul-tie, hook, link connection, attachment and devices from us to the universal filing system records and from the universal filing records back to us, in Jesus’ Name.

We asked the Father to totally remove us from every system, database, storage devices, archive and library owned or operated by these forces of darkness and to prevent our information from being put back into those systems, in Jesus’ Name.