Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – Ishtar



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It’s the eve of what people call ‘Easter Sunday’ but it is really “The Resurrection Day of Jesus Christ.” We had dozed off early being totally worn out.  It was just after midnight when she opened her eyes having a blackout, under heavy mind-binding control and covered in layers of burns and pains, her hands were swollen and her head whirling; the EMF was at high voltage.

Then she said that I should take the bunny that I had since last year and hold it in my hands closing my eyes. This may appear harmless but what happened next shocked me.

Immediately, pain enveloped half of my head, gobbling at my eyeballs insomuch that I shuddered, but she insisted that I hold it a little longer. This is what is embedded into everything that is dedicated to Ishtar”, replied mom. This wicked entity had the right to manifest just after midnight into the morning of Easter.”

It was during the wee hours of the morning that I took the bunny and threw it far into the darkness of the night. The pain on mom’s chest protruding out of her back, left her and she recovered  immediately. Exhausted, we closed our eyes, but as she opened her eyes she was under severe oppression. Once again she cried unto the Father for answers and all the while the EMF was out of control.

We repented for the generations celebrating Ishtar (Easter Sunday) plus (Good Friday) traditions which should actually be upheld as “The Resurrection Day” and “The Passover” and also the way Christmas was celebrated with trimmings.

Ishtar and Santa got the better of the situation, manifesting ugly heads, but as soon as we did a bloodline cleansing, breaking the associated curses coming down the generations, the necessary was done and we recovered.