Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – Multiple Warfare (1)


Multiple Warfare (1)

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But warfare persisted until one morning while persevering in prayer, the Lord revealed to mom to raise her hand toward the attacker and rebuke, “In the Name of Jesus, I bind up the radionic demon, and the psionic demon”; to her surprise there was an immediate response.

That night a disgusting foul smell swept through into the living room causing my entire nervous system to shake. It appeared that each nerve was just hanging loose like live wires touching against each other. In the process, it was torturously cut into bits and pieces while jumping inside me.

Mom began rebuking, “Father, in the Name of Jesus, we ask you to please send billions of legions of angels into the eye of the battle. We take authority over the billions of psionic, radionic and psychotronic demons and in Jesus’ Name, we bind them up. We release a tsunami of Holy Fire eliminate all psionic attacks, all radionic attacks, all psychotronic attacks and mind-control attacks and all remote viewing attacks. We send billions of legions of angels to destroy the strongholds of these attackers together with the radionic, psionic and psychotronic operators.

In the Name of Jesus, we crush and destroy all hooks, links, connections, attachments, tunnels etc. We command that all radionic machines be deactivated and permanently destroyed, in Jesus’ Name.”

While she prayed the stinking rotten odour stood at the kitchen door, but mom arose lifted up her hands, “Die by fire… we cremate you by fire… Holy Fire…” Instantly it fled through the back door but soon returned.

Once again the electromagnetic frequencies were extremely high; so what does that tell you?

Mom did some research and this is what she discovered:


Psychotronics or psi warfare is the use of electronic machines to send beams of energy or frequencies directly to people’s brains and bodies through the air.

This is the new stealth warfare. It is inexpensive and simple, and often hard to detect and defeat.

The same method is used, at times, to brainwash people to believe certain information and not other information by making subtle suggestions to them via electronic beams or frequencies


Radionics is a method of transmitting energy, messages and even material items using mainly very high frequency currents at very low voltages.

It is quite an amazing science that seems to defy the laws of physics.

It can act at a distance, it can act almost instantaneously, and it affects the human brain, in particular, in unusual ways.

It is, in fact, an etheric science, which means it uses laws of physics that have not been fully discovered and researched at this time. The ether is the substance that fills all space and all time.

Etheric sciences are discussed in a number of articles on this website that are listed under the heading of spiritual development.

This article, however, has to do with an abuse of etheric energy for negative purposes to harm others.

Radionics and psychotronics can be used for healing. This is quite important to know. The purpose of this article is not to say that radionics or even psychotronics are bad.

However, the main uses of these sciences at this time are as weapons, often called psi weapons.

For example, one can broadcast frequencies that kill germs, stop cancers, calm the nervous system, and reduce fear and so on.

However, the same principles can and are being used to make people angry, incite violence, discourage people, sicken people, to oppose freedom and justice, and for many other negative purposes on planet earth.

They are used by governments, as well as by other rogue groups that seek to control us.


Unlike regular radio or television transmissions, radionic signals can affect millions of people all at once.

They travel right through mountains, houses, and even bomb shelters.

The high frequency waves travel through water easily, as well.

For this reason, radionics is actually used, at times, to communicate with submarines because radio is not nearly as effective underwater.

The waves also travel around the world and even through the earth from one side to the other. This is how penetrating these frequencies are.

They are not really radio waves at all, though we can refer to them as waves.

They are ripples in the ether or base material from which all matter is made.

This is why they can penetrate anything material or physical, and do so almost instantaneously.


Adam Lightworker says:

This is the link to the full article, by Dr Lawrence Wilson


Yet warfare intensified night after night, and day after day insomuch that my entire physical body hung like live wires chopped up into bits and pieces.

One day I was about to doze off when the unexpected happened. A powerful force stood behind me, I was under heavy paralysis trying to break away when it so happened that I turned around.  Shocked I was looking into the following image:

My spirit uttered, “The Lord rebuke you!”  Instantly it fled.

The next day I had a mouthful to share with mom when guess who manifested? Yes, she did some research and told me that it was the “tall greys” alien species.

But what have the tall greys to do with radionics, psionic and psychotronic attacks?


As warfare intensified the days turned into weeks not realizing that the tall greys had fled and that we were facing a multiple battle. One day I was given revelation in which I beheld a massive centipede working its way through the outlet of the bath tub.

Using buckets of water, I managed to flush it back, but as the persistent thing stood on its hind legs to steady itself, I swept it altogether away with enough water. While contemplating this strange happening, my spirit understood that it was Jacqueline who had sent this creature.

Yes, she is the queen of the sewage world and has access into every home through this opening. It so happened that when mom rebuked Jacqueline and centipede that it fled. Oh, what a nightmare the EMF/EMR had become; what does that tell you?


It seemed as though her rebuke was like a pin prick before the ongoing battles. One day determination got the better of the treacherous situation. Sick to the core, she raised her hand and prayed, “Father, You have invested all Power and Authority in Your Son Jesus. Heaven, completeness is invested in Your Son Jesus and He is the Lord of Hosts, Mighty in battle.

I call Heaven to respond to the Name of Jesus… I call the Mighty Host to respond to the Name of Jesus. Come forth and respond… respond… respond…. to the trumpet call of battle. The Name of Jesus is sounding the war trumpets… respond all Heaven… respond… war rooms of Heaven… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus’ Name.”

Reader, there was an immediate response. In the meantime, the fridge switched on and off as though operated by an unknown source. Each morning, mom’s prayer grew the more earnest yet the battles left sleepless nights which turned into nightmare after nightmare. What now? I remained under heavy attacks on my nervous system causing me to become sick to the core of my gut.

At certain times during the wee hours of the morning stinking, rotten, putrid smells filled the air. What now we wondered?

One night while we gathered in prayer the Lord brought revelation before me and so I explained to mom that I had purchased a product over three months ago. When I brought it out we flushed the liquid down the toilet and threw the bottle out into the night.

I had purchased Indian Hair oil called Amla oil but was blinded not to notice tiny words [this secret oils]. After mom took a photo, enlarged it on the screen it was clear that what was on the label said it all.

We soon discovered that the image was that of a siren whose name was embedded onto the label called ‘Mera’. When I began to pray, the siren Mera stood before me, then I understood that the product was made of her hair. It appeared as though her hair said it all!

Reader, guess who began manifesting as a stinking, rotten smell swept through! Yes, mom took authority and so Mera was bound up, her hair was cremated to dust and she was commanded together with all her wicked products to be cast into the bottomless pit. That night we slept peacefully, in Jesus’ Name.