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South African Coat of Arms

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Yet battle after battle raged until she was rebuking from the morning into the night and grew weary. Not realizing that doubt had seeped through, all her many questions became unanswered. Beaten up so many, many times she realized that she had been giving legal ground for demons to be persistent.

She drew up a Legal binding Covenant for God’s protection and so we presented it in prayer, dated and signed it. With this Legal binding Covenant she defeated the most persistent stubborn battles we had ever fought. For God keeps and honours Covenants with His children.

We struggled to understand just what actually had been trying to wipe us off the face of the earth. But yet the battles raged the more out of control. After she had rebuked and bound up the entities, she would decree and declare, “God’s Word would take care of the situation. The Word cannot be broken neither will it fall to the ground unanswered. God will hasten to perform His Word.”

Although it seems impossible to the human mind, remember all things are possible for those who remain steadfast, in Jesus’ Name. One day the Holy Spirit led her to one of the drawers in my room and low and behold, her eyes popped out at the sight of what she saw. I had purchased a South African Identity cover and this logo caught her eye.

Immediately entities manifested in such horrific ways that she Googled to understand its hidden secrets, and provided the link below.



Illuminati and Masonic Symbols in the South African Coat of Arms

[ I started paging through the course pack until I came across the Government Gazette with the South African coat of arms on the front page. I noticed how the coat of arms is infested with Masonic symbols. I did some research on what the symbols represent. According to the ‘government’ this is what they symbolize:

In the eyes of those who possess the stolen knowledge of our forefathers, they know the actual esoteric meaning. The aim of this blog is to make the ‘invisible-visible.’ Before I indulge into detail of the actual symbological meaning I request the reader to read more about Masonicsymbology.

Large volumes of work have been written up on this and it is readily available on the internet. Ladies and gents this is what the coat of arms symbolizes:

Hidden Symbols in the South African Coat of Arms


Suspicious Coat Of Arms Of The New South Africa

Whether or not South Africa has really experienced its born free moment is questionable considering the occult influences and those of the hidden hand and brotherhood which are well demonstrated in the symbolism of the new South Africa.

A cursory look at the coat of arms reveals typical Atonist symbols and those of the Saturnian, Sirius cult. One can see the typical uncapped pyramid, although here the cap is coloured red – the Egyptian Atonist colour of Saturn or Seth.

There is also the hidden triquetra within the pyramid and the rising Sun which could also be a crown? – None of these symbols anything to do with the native symbols of the land.

“So this is it”, we whispered, and oh how it did manifest insomuch that mom could not continue to compile this portion of script until days later.

Who would believe that during that period, we were severely attacked and beaten up?

No amount of rebuking helped until we were beyond desperation and then it happened – my Spirit eyes opened!

Instantly, I beheld the most shocking and unbelievable truth present with us in the living room. What has this to do with South African Coat of arms symbols?

It is almost impossible to find the most accurate illustration


“Well the abominable is present”, I gloated. The EMF had turned into a nightmare.

Reader, what has this to do with the EMF or are all these entities sent by the beast doing his bidding as aforementioned in the previous book.

I awoke feeling more than just rotten and so did mom having one black out after the other which left us very discouraged. We were totally blown away with EMF until mom blurted out that she is not able to continue compiling these scripts.

It appeared that the axle of her mind was crumbling, swinging and broken into millions of pieces. No amount of rebuking helped, it seemed as though there was just no hope!

In this dilemma, she cried out to Jesus saying that we were not fit enough for this type of calling and that it was best that He had chosen someone more worthy and more powerful.

Yet the EMF thickened all the more hanging like live wires releasing very high voltages. We were down in the dumps and decided to go to the shopping mall for a while.

I was just about to open my purse when revelation came through as clear as daylight! Yes, the new R5 piece said it all.

The Order of the Companions of O. R. Tambo is a South African honour.

[1] It was instituted on 6 December 2002, and is granted by the President of South Africa, to foreign citizens who have promoted South African interests and aspirations through co-operation solidarity, and support.

The order is named after the late Oliver Tambo, who was the African National Congress‘s president-in-exile for many years.

The badge of the order is oval, and depicts a symbol similar to that of the Taijitu between two arrowheads, framed by two mole snakes.

[1] The symbol represents the meeting of diverse spiritual energies, and the snakes represent solidarity and support.

The South African coat of arms is displayed on the reverse.

The ribbon is white, with recurring grey symbols down the centre. All three classes are worn around the neck.

Recipients are also presented with a carved wooden walking stick, which has a serpent wound around the shaft and a spoon-shaped head displaying the badge of the order and the national arms.

The walking stick symbolises support and solidarity, and a commitment to stand by the recipient in return.

The symbols reflected on the coin include the Majola (mole snake), which, according to African mythology, embodies friendship, protection and active support.

The walking stick signifies support and commitment and the universal yin and yang symbol suggests a meeting point for diverse spiritual energies.

The taijitu consists of a rotated pattern inside a circle.



The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy.

The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth.