Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 21 – Stressful Battle


Stressful Battle

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Both mom and I were under paranormal demon attacks which spiralled out of control. During the wee hours of each morning, we’d open our eyes having total blackouts. Sick to the core of our guts, twenty-four hours, seven days a week, we reached desperation point ; not to mention the EMF and ER that caused her to cry out, “Father, my soul is in EMF torment such that no human physical body is able to bear!”

Then one night, I was about to doze off when I was taken into Spirit vision. Immediately, I beheld a very frightful image.  I watched this thing gliding along up to the end of the cul-de-sac in which we live, make a u-turn and proceeded down the street.

As she approached the vicinity of our house horror and terror filled the air. I noticed that this being glided along, her feet not touching the ground. Shocked beyond what I was really experiencing, I saw that her long, thick, black hair all hung to the front. Her entire form slumped forward, her arms hung lifeless to the front.

Thick, black, ugly hair densely covered her entire face and hung down along the front of the long white dress she wore. It seemed as though her hair was permanently draped to the front and not to the back of her head.


Every day and night, we were tormented beyond what you as Reader would ever really experience. Oh, who would believe the amount of persistent power this thing manifested as with each passing moment it only grew worse.

As the battle raged we sought the Lord to expose the weakness of this evil being. “Use Electricity of the Holy Spirit to flood her Spirit.” Immediately, she aroused and headed toward the area where grunting and growling  sounded like a motor bike revving until it sounded like it reached high voltages.

Mom raised her hands, “Electricity of the Holy Spirit neutralize all your powers… I release the highest voltages of Electricity of the Holy Spirit… into all currents and elements of your frequency domain… Be weakened… by Holy Electricity… Be destroyed… by Holy Electricity… The fullness of God’s… Power… God’s… Power…in Jesus’ Name.”

Instantly, it fled and returned only when we had dozed off, wreaking havoc during the wee hours of each morning. High voltages of EMF hung thick in the air. Oh, what a stressful period!


Sick to the core of her gut, Mom was trying to explain what had taken place during the past week. We opened our eyes during the wee hours one morning only to be greeted by Hell itself. High voltages of EMF and RF utterly saturated the entire house. Mom sat in the living room under total black out in the midst of it all, while I tried my utmost best to help her.

With one voice, we cried unto the Father to send the highest voltage of lightning bolt of Holy Electricity from the His Throne and Presence to destroy the demonic realm which was at large. Reader our determination sparked off a response from Heaven. All Hell fled, but soon returned when we had dozed off.

She opened her eyes badly beaten up and sick to the core of her gut, crying out to the Father for help.

This happened once again the following night, and I kept praying for her until she fell asleep only to open her eyes under total blackout. Her head whirling and swirling as EMF got the better of her situation. Deep, dark, ugly growling became a persistent nightmare and in this she was still able to compile this portion of the script, in Jesus’ Name.