Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe: Book 19 – Chapter Five Authority

Yet spiritual warfare reached such a point that one morning when mom cried out unto the Father, in Yeshua’s Name, “Lord my God, what must I do in this situation?”, an angel was sent to me in Spirit dream.

I had seen that intruders had entered causing chaos, my Spirit knew that these evil beings had trespassed. There appeared a scintillating Messenger sent from Heaven. A brilliant light radiated from his face. The Angelic Being had two very huge, white wings and was dressed in a long, white robe.

He was very tall and reached to the ceiling of the house. The Messenger of the Lord said, “Use your Authority.”  

I opened my eyes and rushed to mom with the message from the Lord “USE YOUR AUTHORITY”.  


Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 07

Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 08

Luke 10: 19 “ Behold, I give you Power and Authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power that the enemy possesses; and nothing shall in any way harm you”