Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe: Book 19 – Spiritual Perils

Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 01[2 Timothy 3: 1] “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come”

Yet as the days and nights were far spent exposure was full of imminent risk to which we were susceptible.

Once again the attacks of EMF quadrupled out of all proportion; this only led both mom and me to persevere in earnest prayers. What now?

Spirit dream manifested that a gang of merciless men in black had broken into our secured home, and within seconds severely beat mom up and grabbed our bunch of keys. In the fight to get it back she opened her eyes; sick and beaten up she persevered in earnest prayers.

Once again for weeks on end, each day that followed was worse than the previous one. Just so you as Reader can understand, how on earth do I begin to explain it all?

One day, a company called EMF SA came to do a full survey of the house, and the results were frightening. The dirty electricity which should have read 23 on his meter peaked at over 1400 and more. Frightful and unacceptable came the definite reply, “This is the highest I have ever measured!”

What now? Have our rights been violated and our keys stolen? Definitely!

EMF SA suggested that two Dirty Electricity filters be installed – one nearest the distribution board and the other in the computer room. He also stated that the City Electricity Dept be called in and so it was.

Oh, how we suffered heavy pounding upon our heads that week insomuch that medicine was ineffective. Well, praise the Lord for Spirit revelation, “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we take Power and Authority over all the powers of the enemy of dirty electricity. We command the Host of Heaven’s weapons to go to the electrical box which is on the opposite side of the road facing our home. Go and completely wipe out, annihilate and destroy all strongholds of smart meters causing dirty electricity!”

Reader, there was an immediate response and a shift in the spirit realm, and instantly the pounding upon our heads lifted. So what can you deduce from that?

Well, that day was a day of rejoicing, so we thought, but during the night while we watched a video called “Dirty Electricity”, there loomed before me an open Spirit vision. 

I was looking into the all-seeing eye of a very grave storm.

Chris Tomlin

Yet spiritual violence ran rampant and out of control insomuch that I was taken into Spirit vision of the night, and upon my bed, I was with a small group.

It was witch hunting season and we had a mission to hunt down all demonic spirits etc. and completely cremate all to ashes. So we suffered not a witch to live for they were Satan’s agents sending mind-boggling types of evil against us.

During prayer gathering we prayed, “In the Mighty Name of Yeshua, Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Emmanuel, we take Power and Authority over all the powers of every witch, warlock, satanist, shapeshifter, etc. etc. and command Heaven’s Army of Deadly Weapons to go and completely cremate all Satan’s operating strongholds.  

In the Name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, Emmanuel, we take Power and Authority over the powers of Jezebel, Leviathan, Python, Cobra, Ahab, Spiritual Pharaoh and all his taskmasters, and command the Host of Heaven transformed into Heaven’s deadliest weapons to go and completely obliterate, annihilate and cremate all of Satan’s operating strongholds. 

In the Mighty Name of Yeshua, Emmanuel, Christ Jesus of Nazareth, we release the battle axe of Blazing Fire!  Crush… crush…. crush….crush and grind to powder all spirits of resistance, hindrance, revenge and retaliation; all backlashing spirits, lying, seducing, deceiving spirits of deception; all and any spirits assigned against men, women and children of Almighty God; all unclean spirits and assignments coming against us or men, women and children of Almighty Father God. Destroy… destroy…. destroy…

In the Mighty Name of Yeshua, Emmanuel, Christ Jesus of Nazareth, we take Power and Authority over all the powers of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness and hosts in high places, and the prince of power of the air. We command that the Host of Deadly Weapons manifests and makes toast of all their strongholds, and permanently cremate the strongmen of these strongholds. 

In the Name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, Emmanuel, Word of Almighty God become the Living Word. The sore, great and strong Sword of Almighty Father God, we send you forth into the eye of the fiercest battle. Let judgment be accomplished. They have been in operation since the days of Noah and are very stubborn and resilient.

Leave no room for any spirit to escape as we spread spiritual nets of hailstones, brimstones, coals of fire, thunder, lightning, seaquakes and air quakes in the Name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, Emmanuel.

Let Glory and Honour return unto the Lord our God. Amen”

Because spiritual warfare reached beyond spiritual violence, I opened my eyes one morning under a total blackout. Days and nights had turned into nightmares as EMF hung like live wires in the air.

Oh, that spiritual violence could be turned so perilous in these end times!

Yet psychic powers and witchcraft powers manifested the more through magnetic frequencies and electronic waves turning even more violent and abusive especially during the most vulnerable hours of being over-exhausted.

Morning after morning, we awoke battle-weary, bruised and sore until mom prayed prostrate before the Lord, and indeed He responded. She had dreamed that she was held captive by a very cruel queen together with her hosts. In desperation, she searched for an escape opportunity, but the evil powers were everywhere blocking her.

It was three a.m. during the wee hours of the morning when she opened her eyes, badly bruised, and persevering in earnest prayer was led on a witch hunt. Lo and behold, “What is this?” she wondered. 

On picking up one of the beaded items bearing wild animals, she felt more than just rotten! What can you Reader, deduce from that? 

So what have these to do with the “All Seeing Eye?” she thought. For weeks and weeks, there had been violent thumping and strange noises on the roof. “Is this one of Illuminati’s many, many products?” she wondered.

That morning without knowing what had happened, I approached her to tell her that in a dream, I was about to board a train when many, many ninjas appeared. They were so fearful that I was shaking as I watched these flying ninjas screaming. They were absolutely vicious and fearless in all their efforts, but as soon as they came near me, it was as though an invisible barrier stopped them.

So these beaded items carry one of the deadliest curses which had violently attacked poor mom who crawled around all night and morning. She laid before the Lord repenting for she said, “Joshua fought a losing battle because the enemy’s possessions were hidden in the camp.”

“Lord Jesus, I repent and rend all of my heart for the abomination is in my camp. Forgive me and cleanse me from every curse afflicting me and Yolin…I ask for wisdom and an understanding heart and mind in this.”

Yes, what I saw in my dream and mom’s dream was definitely of the most violent type of ninja demons. In a state of shock, I removed them from the premises. There was an immediate change, the EMF had no effect on mom or me. 

Again, what had the “All Seeing Eye” to do with it?

One morning, I was using the bathroom when I noticed that mom had hung this feather duster behind the door. With eyes as big as saucers, I was looking into the face of a demon intertwined into the feathers!

Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 01

Yet we awoke bruised and sore from another violent beating, so mom went on another witch hunt at three a.m. in the morning. So this is it, her spirit discerned the abominable which she removed from my room while I spent the night in her room. She soon moved back into her own room as she said that there is definitely a demon foothold in my room. So I returned to my room for the night.

I did not know what Spirit revelation was given to mom, but on closing my eyes my Spirit prayed, “Lord Jesus reveal even this to me.” 

Immediately, I was looking at an average height, smooth-skinned, ash coloured demon spirit. My Spirit knew that this thing was connected to nail polish.

It said, “My name is Essence.” 

Instantly, I remembered that that was the brand name of a nail polish. 


Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 03

While in the presence of ‘Essence’, my entire tongue became covered with excruciating and very painful, blistered sores. When I came out of this Spirit vision, the Lord Jesus healed my tongue but allowed two blistered sores to remain as evidence.

That entire week I was very sick and could not talk or eat much.   

During the wee hours of one morning, I awoke mom and told her that I had just been given Spirit revelation. I had been evangelising and praying the sinner’s prayer over many poor souls when an unexpected mind boggling thing happened before my eyes. I was looking into a very grave moment….

Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 04

Within seconds hungry flames gobbled everything and everyone.  There was no time to look around or investigate where the fires were coming from.

My Spirit understood that it was the “End of the Age.” 

Once again words fail to really explain the SUDDENNESS of the END OF THE AGE. Before the inferno could reach me, I was already taken away. Oh what a different type of experience I was to participate in and witness.