SRA / DID Advanced Training Sessions 1 – 3 – Amanda Buys


Published on 20 Jul 2014

This video contains Sessions 1 through 3 of the Advanced Training Seminar held in Cape Town, South Africa, March of 2013, presented by Amanda Buys, Kanaan Ministries.
Session 1: Prayer as the Foundation (Part 1)
Prayer as the Foundation
Authority of the Believer
The Holy Spirit is our Power
Our Lifestyle Determines our Anointing
Session 2: Prayer as the Foundation (Part 2)
Our Lifestyle Determines our Anointing (Continued)
Attaining the Manifest Power of GOD
Sharing in Messiah’s Glory and Suffering
Spoils of War
Session 3: Importance of Bonding
Understanding the Meaning of “Cleave” (Davaq)
Five Foundational Traumas
Hebrew Word Pictures of “Father” and “Mother”
Review of Attachment Styles
The Primal Split
Why We Need to Address Bonding Issues