The Store Is Closed Message 393 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 11 Jan 2017

The Store Has Closed Message 393

In the dream I last shared there were women with me that wanted to go shopping at J.C. Penny’s and when we got there, there was only one garment left.

It was a white house dress, plain but beautiful and it was my size. There was nothing else left to buy. I did see a room full of choir robes, which were purple and thought that no one had wanted them. This upset me.

Today the Lord has told me that they were not for sale and that the store is now closed. The choir robes are for the next phase, and the next phase is us leaving.

The women that were with me were Christian, and when we left to go shopping they did not have on much makeup if any at all, but when they got into the chairs to have their hair done, their appearance kept changing into very elaborate and exaggerated makeup and finger nails.

The Lord showed me how there are many both men and women that look like they are Christian but when it comes down to the wire they want the world and not Him.

When they thought that they did not get the job they wanted to do for Him they went back into their own way of doing things and their own understanding. They became foolish virgins. They were really goats and not His sheep.

Last night I had a dream that my husband and I were in a new house, and there was another family very close next door. My husband and the neighbor decided to have a drive way poured in concrete.

I had to go somewhere and when I got back it was done. It was a U shaped drive and shared by both houses. The men did it this way because it was a better deal on the price.

The houses were up on a hill and were white, and so was the concrete. The drive looked really good, it looked very smooth, and then I saw names, and hand prints in the concrete.

My Children, the time is now, the hour has come, and now it is time to pray again.

Pray My Will be done, pray for mercy for all people of all nations, that they come to Me, as the governments of the world have turned their back on Me and I have had enough.

Soon the world will see Me, they will know that I Am God.

The door to store has been closed, just as the door to the ark was in the days of Noah.

The ones that have answered Yes, that came into Me are sealed and safe.

No this does not mean that people cannot come into salvation, it means that I have chosen My army, My Brides, etc. and they are sealed just as the names and hand prints were in the concrete.

Soon the show will begin, not the show the world thinks they will see, but soon all eyes will see, My glory, and My army as the day of your rescue is here.