Susan Davis : About hearing GOD’s Voice


Susan Davis

9 October 2019

About hearing GOD’s Voice:

Since the time my son was about three I began to hear GOD’s Voice, but only sporadically. Then in August 2010 everything changed and I began hearing HIS Voice so that I could write down letters from HIM to the people and personal letters for myself also. At the time I began to hear the LORD speak to me, something else amazing happened to me, I woke up one morning with oil all over the top of my hair. At the time, I did not know what was going on, so I tried to wash it out, wondering why my hair was so filled with oil when I had washed it the night before. The second morning, it happened again—oil all over my head. Once again I put my head into the sink and tried to wash my head and I could not figure out what happened to my hair. Third night, I washed my hair and went to bed only to wake up the third morning in a row with oily hair. I thought to myself, “What is going on?” I tried to rinse my hair out again perplexed about what could be causing my hair to be so oily after having washed it the night before. Fourth night I washed my hair again. The fourth morning, I woke and found my hair clean, dry and not a bit oily like the past three mornings. Now this was almost more unsettling than the oily hair and then it dawned on me the oil was related to the LORD’s Letters and the work HE had given me to do and GOD had put oil on my head three days in a row but then it stopped on the fourth day. Don’t ask me how this miracle happened—I have no idea—the oil always showed up overnight while I was sleeping and my head was covered with oil the next day.