Susan Davis

10 June 2019

CURSED OBJECTS SERIES: LUCKY CHARMS: charms, objects used for false “good luck”

There is no such thing as “luck” but most cultures have “luck charms” and like the Irish who have the four-leaf clover. Many cultures have their luck symbols. Don’t buy it–there are only two ways about it: you are either surrendered to the Divine Will of GOD through the Salvation of JESUS CHRIST and operate under HIS Leadership or you are in your original fallen state at birth and are led by the enemy of GOD who is Satan and on your way to hell. If you think you can get luck off any object or long-held superstition you are under a strong delusion. You are either cursed because you are following the father of lies, Lucifer or you are following the AUTHOR OF LIFE JESUS CHRIST. Everything you do apart from the will of GOD is leading you down the path of no return. If you are surrendered to GOD, all things work together for good for those who love the LORD. So dump these evil objects of “luck” and instead pursue GOD.