Susan Davis: Dream regarding the Tribulation to come after the bride of CHRIST is removed


I had an incredible dream in 2015 and the LORD has put it in my heart to repost it:

This is a dream I, Susan Davis had regarding the Tribulation to come after the bride of CHRIST is removed. The LORD instructed me to write up what I saw and to put it out to warn the people:

January 23, 2015
I had three separate scenes shown to me in a serious dream:

First: I saw in a city scene: streets that were on what looked like a “quarantine.” No one was around—it was eerie—everyone was off the streets and inside their homes as if everyone was ordered inside their homes and no one was allowed on the streets….

Second: I saw a TV playing—and the channels changed and on EVERY channel was the same thing showing—it was showing scenes from what looked like a high security prison—with tall chain fencing. My perception was that after the rapture during the Great Tribulation the antichrist will take over the media and be showing everyone the prisons that they will taken to if they do not comply with his orders to take his Mark of the Beast….

Third: I saw a very distressing scene. I saw what looked like a giant open book that was full of photos collected of people. A saw a few of the individual photos collected in this big book full of pictures and they were what I could only describe as family group pictures—but the people in the photos were families lined up together and their picture was taken like a kind of “mug shot” photo but of whole families. The people in the pictures looked like deer in the headlights—they looked stunned like in total shock.

I believe the pictures were being taken of Christians in their homes for records before they are removed to go to prison camps for refusing to take the Mark of the Beast. I was shaken by what I saw in this dream.