Susan Davis – How much will a Holy GOD tolerate of our gross evil?


Because I do End Times News Report everyday, I am shocked that people cannot see how dark things are getting and that they cannot grasp that we are in the end times.

One thing is they cannot seem to see how dark and evil the world is and that GOD by contrast is HOLY and pure.

How much will a Holy GOD tolerate of our gross evil?

Consider that not only does GOD SEE ALL the evil going on that WE SEE and know about, but HE also sees all the evil that goes on behind closed doors–all the things men do to their wives and children, all the things government and big business does behind the scenes.

Not only that but GOD SEES ALL the EVIL in the hearts and minds of men.

The things they think about each other, the lusts of their hearts, the hatred for their brothers, the evil plotted in the hearts of men toward each other.

GOD SEES IT ALL… now do you think perhaps its time to face up to the idea that you are living in the end times and that you need to give your life to the LORD before it’s too late?

Job 15:15 King (KJV): Behold, HE putteth no trust in HIS saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in HIS sight.